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August 11, 2005



great recap of the tropical fruits! I was visiting my inlaws in Singapore and Malaysia and they were all durian freaks. Their fridges all had this sickly sweet vomit smell. I also made an hour trip flying from Singapore to KL and almost lost it because the people in the seat ahead of me had obviously just had a massive feed of durians and I could almost picture the cartoon smell fume lines emanating from them. My wife's uncle raved about some crazy ass expensive durians he found in Malaysia called "cat mountain kings." He told me until I tasted those I really was getting the full experience. But the run of the mill durians were more than enough for me. The ones I tasted were reminiscent of raw onions, vanilla ice cream, and an unidentifable rotting smell.


Curiously enough, this month's Maisonneuve magazine ("Eclectic Curiosity" from Montreal) -- to which I subscribe -- features an ode to the elusive mangosteen... a fruit that I had never heard of until I read the article on the train this morning. Now, I've been introduced to it twice in a single day.

The online version of Maisonneuve ( does not feature the article in question, but the article warns that the fruit in its most flavorful, sensual, intoxicating form simply cannot be had outside of Southeast Asia. So, what's a guy or gal to do?


Durian is king! I remember getting my first one at the Asian market. It was frozen and didn't smell so bad. I thawed it and it still didn't smell to the level of the legends. Then I cut it open . . . and the most complex, horrendous and nearly demonic stench belched forth. Amazing! I recommend it highly.

Bas van Dam

First thing i noticed when i got to Djakarta, Indonesia were the illusive plastic bags people had on their outside rearview mirrors. Only sane way to transport Durian i found out later!
I found the taste rather bland and the texture nauseating.


Jakarta is sometimes referred to as the Big Durian (NYC= the Big Apple.) Like the fruit, the city is an acquired taste.

Juan Cano

Just got back from the Yucatan, in Mexico. My parent's neighbor has a Pitahaya Cactus that grows so big it goes over the wall into my parent's yard. It had a beautiful Pitahaya on it. It tastes good with some sugar sprinkled on it. The kids hated it.

Other fruits that I've never seen in the US, but don't know what they're called in English:

Waya (small round green fruit, skin cracks open revealing a flesh colored interior around a pit almost as big as the fruit. Very tart)
Grosella (looks like a tiny pumpkin, size of a quarter. You can eat the skin and it's super sour, because it's always eaten before it's ripe for some reason)
Nancen (Size of a grape, yellow, don't remember what it tastes like, I hate it. They put it in jars with sugar syrup)


I heard this from a woman who bought a durian in Chinatown and took it home to her posh NYC apartment. Awhile later the doorman knocked on her door, and asked, "Sorry to disturb you, but people complained they smell gas in the building and I think it's coming from your apartment!" :)


Excellent post. In the Caribbean, sugar apples are known as "sweetsops", and mangosteens are "star apples". If you ever get a chance, make sure to try guinep/chenep fruit, naseberries, "stinkin' toe", soursops, and hairy mangos. Tasty stuff.

Mary Lou Powell

What's the difference between a papaya and a mango?


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Ha-ha, I once tried a durian - it's incredible, it's impossible to eat, I can't understand who can consider it a king of fruit???

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People said that Dragonfruit is a new king of fruit..But I still believe that Durian is still the king


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. This sucker is called the king of fruits... but let me just tell you, the smell is something to be reckoned with. I was warned that this fruit is stinky, but that understatement left me ill-prepared for the bombardment of urinal, B.O., and rotten

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