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August 11, 2005


Sikat ang Pinoy

I like eating jackfruit a lot. Have tried longan and it is also yummy. Rambutan seems to be nice but hate to eat since I cant maximize my appetite into it.

Bali Accommodations

If Durian is the king then which one is the queen? LOL...

Foto Artis

I think the Jackfruit would be the queen

mac recovery

Durian is king! I remember getting my first one at the Asian market. It was frozen and didn't smell so bad. I thawed it and it still didn't smell to the level of the legends. Then I cut it open . . . and the most complex, horrendous and nearly demonic stench belched forth. Amazing! I recommend it highly.

Frank Juhas

I've been photographing and documenting uncommon Malaysian fruits for years. I study the historical,cultural aspects of these fruits. So if you like Malaysian fruits and interested in culture, check out my new site.


Would you review grapes please? I am very interested in your thoughts on them before I try them.

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