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August 18, 2005


Janey Yonkers

She's doing a weekend overnight slot on WFMU


Yeah its safe to say she's fucking dead. As soon as this started to get out of control w/ the Greta van Susteren 24/7 coverage months later - I officially labeled this bad case of overexposure a 'schiavo'. Generally, a 'schiavo' could mean any number of things. 'Hey that guy just cut me off! What a schiavo!' But in its purist form, a schiavo will suffice to describe any person whose been way overexposed by the media in lieu of more attractive, white suburban victims. The orgy of media coverage for the Schiavo case really annoyed the shit out of me - to the point where I had stopped feeling bad for her a long time ago, and eventually was just screaming "KILL HER!!" anytime she was on tv or someone was on tv talking about her. And good point about the fact that so many other people are missing or kidnapped in America - but do you really think the media would give a shit about some 19 year old mother of 2 living in the projects? doubt it. fucking schiavos.

Buckeye Girl

T-shirt hell has a brilliant shirt about this:


But don't look at this site if you are at all offended by anything.


Wow, that shirt is a riot -
Haven't looked at T-shirt Hell in a while—new heights of offensiveness have definitely been achieved!

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