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August 25, 2005



I almost consider it sad that the name "I-Pod" has saturated mainstream culture and is considered synonymous with "portable mp3 player." Two years ago I looked into getting a portable mp3 player and after a lot of research, opted for the Creative Nomad ZenXtra, which holds 40 GB of music and data. It was half the price of an I-Pod and holds twice as much data. The interface, software and the sound is great. I take it everywhere. Of course if I were to say what's on my Nomad it would take some time :-)


what do you use as a jukebox program though?...........Windows?!?
iTunes is THE best reason to get an iPod. no other softaware comes close in accessibilty and user interface. there's just no comparison.

its true that the rechargable battery of your ipod will eventually die. as will the battery on your rechargable cordless phone, and your rechargable electric screwdriver, and your rechargable toothbrush. an inescapable fact about all rechargable batteries is that they eventually die out.
its not really a design flaw of just the iPod

Krys O.


Here's a Tiny url to the mfr's site:
The software comes with the unit and the battery is removable.

The iPod on the other hand...

Q: Is the iPod's battery replaceable?

A: Yes. Apple has an official battery replacement program for $59. The program requires that you send in your iPod (any model), and Apple will replace the battery and return it to you for $59 plus shipping and handling (technically, Apple actually replaces your whole iPod with an equivalent new or refurbished model). AppleCare programs for iPod are also available in some markets outside the US, and are expected soon in other markets.


First of all - great post, I'm anxious to get some of these into my mini.

Secondly, I'm one of those weird people who goes the other way on the whole iTunes/iPod issue. After looking at all of the various alternatives (Creative and other) I pretty much determined that the iPods still have a huge advantage in build quality (and most of the battery issues seem to have been resolved in the newer models). On the other hand, I can't stand iTunes. Why in the hell should I have to add a track to my library just to get it into my portable player?

Anyway, I use this program called Anapod which pretty much lets you drag and drop files from anywhere to your iPod (and back again).


Jukebox program? Who needs a jukebox program?
I download mp3s via Soulseek, or rip from my personal CD collection, then play them back in Winamp or burn to CD-R.
As I said, the Zen Micro comes with its own software for adding/deleting/tagging files - no additional jukebox or playlist-creation application is needed for a fulfilling experience. I'm so Apple-free, it's scary.

Seriously, I also own an iMac running OSX (in addition to my Windows machine); I'm not a hater. I just saw no reason or need to get into the whole iTunes thing.

Ron D

I have an Ipod and i really enjoy it.
I am a linux user and GTKPOD works fine for me!


Any thoughts on the music? Anyone?

Steve F

William, thanks for this post. I live in a very remote, quiet place, my krautrock collection is in boxes thousands of miles away, and this is my only source of new musical entertainment. More please!

Cherie Birkin

Terrific post, very educational! Great`to hear that obscure psych/krautrock material. Does anyone know if the early Kraftwerk albums have been reissued? And wouldn't a whole page of mp3's dedicated to the outer regions of the NWW list be a kick? Are you our man, William??


As near as I can tell, the CDs of the early Kraftwerk albums and the Organisation/Tone Float album that are for sale on and elsewhere are still those Germanophon bootlegs from the mid-90s. Not bad, not great.

As far as the NWW List goes, yes I do have a lot of the rarer stuff on my HD - stay tuned.


That Ibliss link REALLY does sound like Tone Float from Organisation. Seems I recall Supernova as having more hypnotic percussive trance songs. I haven't heard this LP in 25 years. I think it's the only Aamok label disc there ever was. I have been enjoying pre-Autobahn Kraftwerk a lot lately--really like the latest double CD live set too.


"Cheap Trick" aka "Black&White" is a great record. I bought it after reading a review in "Circus," which I subscribed to mid-late 70s. Lance Loud was way cool, how come he doesn't get name checked more? and hey, what about Lillian Roxon! She made a great encyclopedia that was like a bible to the young hyena. But I digress...

"Speak Now" would have been among my first pix from B&W, if I hadn't picked up the eponymous Terry Reid record with the original version, which is now among the handful of records I cart around for the day I actually buy a record player. His version spoiled the CT version for me. Now I'd probably go with "Daddy Should've Stayed in High School" though "Hello Kiddies" does have substantial nostalgic merit.


I'm am humbled into thinking i haven't heard 0.00001% of worlds' greatest music listening to WFMU. This is a sledgehammer adding a couple more zeros.
I need to grow some extra ears. Or get a socket in my head or something. iCranium, iHead, iSkull... iBrain?

Thanks for your Creative leaking!


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