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August 11, 2005


Halloween Horror Guy

WFMU (great horror read) - Just wanted to swing by and drop a job well done note. Like yourself I have been a bit of a horror film fiend for some time. And as mentioned on your post above more and more of my favorite films (I enjoy the classic horror films of the 60's and 70's - definitely forget the slasher films of the 1980's like the Friday series)are now becoming available via DVD.

I recently dropped nearly 200 bucks at Amazon, which should keep me and my wife creeped out for a while.


Halloween Guy ~


Earlier this year "Burden of Dreams" finally got the Criterion treatment.

In what would seem to be unrelated news, Errol Morris's early works have finally be issued on DVD. The connection, of course, is that Werner Herzog once promised to eat his shoe if Errol Morris ever finished a film. After the release of "Gates of Heaven", Herzog kept his promise and the end result is documented by Les Blank in the still unreleased "Werner Herzog Eats His Shoe".

A Chair

I love Brakhage; his Criterion DVD set has probably been taken out more by myself than anyone else at my local library (although I did request that they get it).

Mike McGonigal

hey bill! long time! great piece by the way ... am eagerly anticipating the release of the harry smith films on dvd. and i wish like hell that jordan belson's stuff was easy to find. hope you are swell!


Just watched Race with the Devil and Deathdream last weekend, thanks to your recs, Berger. I thought they were both great! "Race" has dirtbikes, an RV, Satanists, snakes AND Loretta Swit--something for everyone. Wow, that snake business was scary. And Deathdream was a fun hour and a half, too. If I was a tiresome academic, it would be good candidate for a masturbatory film crit paper. Hope to see more film recs soon.

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