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August 10, 2005



That's the truth.


After Dave Gilmore announced he would donate profits from increased album sales to charity, everyone else seemed to keep quiet on this front, instead adding extra dates to UK tours and plotting what to spend oodles of money on.


Right on, dont take any guff from those bastards. We do daily music and doodles and we dont like fucking opera.

Holly Abrahm

Except that Chris Martin isn't an Oxford graduate. He went to University College London.

carole bj

The music was boring, boring. But its been real quite on the Where's all the money gone front?A few weeks after live 8, it was all over the TV about the problems in Western Africa and particularly Niger, but the money from Live 8 wasn't mentioned. Its enough to make even the least cynical wonder.


shut up slagging off people who are just trying to do some good in the world you ignorant arse licker, ooh look at me, im sooo cool and anarchic i love slagging people like a teenage girl, ure the only one that sounds boring and contrived you glum bastard, u think u can do better, wheres your headline performance at glastonbury huh? yeh thats right you avnt got one cause no one wants to listen to your negative im a spokesman for the i dont give a shit about anything but myself generation.

Demolition Boy

Better that than a member of the 'Blunt Generation'. Glastonbury is a corral where people who think they're being 'alternative' go, like the herd they are, to buy into corporate bollocks - packaged for schmucks like you James. Coldplay are a load of crap - eco warrior Mr Muso Industry Martin blows his cred by driving a big fat SUV for starters. Still you pays yer money...and it's all subjective of course...

Rock Chick

I loved the Wreckless One's take on the whole Live 8 thing. And Coldplay really are shite. I tried my best to listen to X&Y but I couldn't stand it. Fix You is the pits. Then there was that BBC3 Coldplay sessions thing on the TV, when Chris Martin sings White Christmas, and it's so effing embarassing to hear that guy try and sing. Painful. I know people who like Coldplay, and I'm like, "Why??" They seem to think that it's "worthy" and "sincere", so they buy into all that "meaningful" crap. Listen to it if you want, but no Coldplay song can compare to Wreckless Eric's Whole Wide World. I could listen to that song over and over. A very funny, witty and sensitive human being. I saw him perform during the Stiff era. I reckon he probably could play Glastonbury if he wanted, not as a headline act, but you can guarantee that some of the headline acts will be in the audience to see *him*, such is his legend/influence on the UK punk/new wave scene of 1977.


I have a great time at every Coldplay gig I've been to. Last December I was disappointed they didn't play Christmas Lights and did a simple White Christmas cover, i was lucky to have good Coldplay tickets .I still had an amazing night. The same would happen for me if they continue to not play Politik.

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