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August 02, 2005


John L

Sounds like fun. The FMU social event of the year for us non-New Yorker types. And you don't even have to drink coffee, (hopefully they have milkshakes...)

I'll try to make it.

See ya.



Gaylord Fields + WFMU in my neck of the woods = awesome!

Relatedly, driving home from the Harriman train station last week, I was behind a car that had a WFMU car magnet and bumper sticker.

Henry Lowengard

The XHD signal gets up to Woodstock, if you're up in the mountains. Don't underestimate the power of line-o-sight transmission!

Catskill Pete

Awesome! Can't get much closer to my neck of the weeds. John, I believe that they have milkshakes, as well as bagles, pastries and other delights. Sure hope I can make it.


fmu is a way of life up here, it is nice to get some recognition. dj's identify it, but it even flies by me how far mount hope is even though i live in middletown(5miles from antenna) i dont have a radio in my room so i listen to the wonderful 128k broadcast, but djs beware as some may know, we listen to wfmu in the car and garage!

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