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September 10, 2005


John L

I was hoping the Fox clip would be the one today where another resident said the F-word live and Fox then cut him off. (A black man with his white girlfriend/wife/whatever, aired Sat afternoon sometime.)

Shouldn't someone complain to the FCC and Fox have to pay a fine? Two fines? It's only fair.

Wish I had taped all the asinine things Tucker Carlson said the other day. (Well no I don't cuz they are too depressing.) And John Gibson was truly offensive a day or two ago with his view that the feds shouldn't be nannys to state and local governments. Infuriating.

I was pleased that Shephard Smith seems to have gotten religion/sympathy for those less fortunate than himself the other day when talking to O'Reilly. Maybe there is hope for him.

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