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September 01, 2005


Bryant Liggett

I must agree. I lived in DC (well, outside the city in MD) the first 26 years of my life and got to see many of those great bands, including KINGFACE multiple times. I was at the show that is available for download. Yes, exciting band, very cool, the ultimate rock and roll package. I've got the records, the one CD and love it. Thanks!

rob conger

Just adding a fan's anecdote: they played Virginia Beach in 87 or 88...I was definately not supposed to be in bars back then... can't remember if it was them and the Bad Brains or the Descendents... or All... or, well, anyway, I just remember they were amazing, and the whole sound (Scream, Rites of Spring, Kingface) at the time was totally different than anything else out there, and it's amazing how obscure some of these bands still remain, despite the mainstream acceptance of "Emo" some years ago...
glad to see they all made it out alive, and I think I might rush to a Hoy show soon...


9:30 was the place to be. Pick hit: "Easter Island" by Strange Boutique.

Taylor Crown

Hey Rob, what's up! I was at those early Kingface shows in VB- I think the first one was at 17th st, with Face Reality, Shudder to Think, etc.

They were the best, period.

Karl U

Yes, I believe I was at this show as well...standing alongside Mr. Dave Grohl (then merely the drummer for the equally underrated Scream) and the other DC luminaries who worshipped at the throne of the Almighty Kingface. It really was a pivotal moment in my existence, and made me for better or worse a)the owner of the record store that I am now and b)a fan of early Van Halen, which was definitely not punk-approved at the time.
Good times. And the sentiment holds up to this day.


Its about time! King Face were criminally underrated, even at the time. Their records really should be back in print.


I recently got hold of the CD with the two 12"s on and there's another four unreleased extra tracks on as well: Tired, Lick the Moon, My Favorite Movie is Life and Dirty Wings. Thing is I knew these songs and was singing along to at least two of 'em the first time I played the CD so I must've had them on some format back in the late 80s when I lived in Holland. Was there a demo of these songs doing the rounds then?

Mike Lupica

"Dirty Wings" was on the State of the Union compilation (which was released on Dischord, contrary to my saying above that KF wasn't "a Dischord band".) The other songs you mentioned could have been on a live 2x7", called "Motherfucker Read My Back", I think, which I carelessly forgot to mention in this post. Apologies for this oversight.


Actually, "Dirty Wings", "Tired", "Lick the Moon", and "My Favorite Movie is Life" were the first studio recordings we ever did. They were recorded at Inner Ear with Ian producing. That initial 4-song demo tape wound up getting around quite a bit (...and Mike was right, we used "Dirty Wings" for the State of the Union, and that version of "Lick the Moon" for the first EP.).


My band had the honor of playing with Kingface at the Hung Jury in Washington, DC in the 80's. As a bass player myself, I always looked up to their four-string axeman as an example of what real rock-n-roll was all about. We held our own that night, but those old guys really showed us young punks a thing or two. I'm glad to hear Andy and the rest of the boys are still alive. Rock on!


in a time when it was tears and flowers...
King Face came out with RAW TESTOSTERONE
boldly taking the stage with the bravado of the first incarnation of Van Halen

today after dropping my older son off for a little Anarchy in the Pre-K I went to Home Depot
as I drove cross town I jumped from station to station
settling in on some classic rock

sat back and listened to a David Lee Roth Van Halen Classic
I thought back to 7th grade... when I was listening to the Clash and the Sex Pistols my friend and rival was listening to Van Halen
he had a boy girl party at his house
when I let my guard down and listened to a few songs from Van Halen I.... I understood what he heard

King Face existed in a punk scene and got mixed reviews
some people were not open to Mark Sullivan's bare chest
or the bands stage persona

they were more EGO than EMO
and well
that just was not fashionable for the time

today on this rainy day home from work
I plan on finding my KINGFACE cd that was artfully designed by Jason Farrell and drop that disc into my iTunes then onto my iPod

(the first Rites of Spring and Government Issue Joy Ride may have to be part of the process as well)


Great post and great tunes.

Hopefully you can toss up a live Soulside show on the next go round!


me being the idiot i am lent the kingface black album to a "friend" and knew as it was leaving my sight I would never see it again.

And I sure haven't...

Least I now have the live recordings, I will find that album again... someday


jericho buffet nubbs

Email Cynthia @Discord, there may still be a few Kingface CDs (a 15 track self released compilation of their 3 records) available. Anyway, I was there in the day, they were my favorite band from DC. Played a show with them and Shudder to Think and Marginal Man in late 87-early 88 I belive. By the way I was in IMAGES and E.O.R if anyone remembers and I also am responsible for ghost writing most of MOSS ICONs first 7 inch. JBN

leonardo bianco

KING FACE... the most rarely band from W.DC... I like very much... and thanks for this web-page to public this complete show...


I came across this blog while reminiscing about Kingface with my husband (who was on the heavy metal scene, but did know of them) - I was a huge fan of theirs back in the day and went to all the shows I could. In fact, one of the best shows I ever saw was Kingface, Fire Party and Ignition. Thank you so much for posting about this phenomenal band. I still have "Everywhere You Look" on vinyl, but doesn't do me a lot of good since I don't have a record player anymore. Thank you so much for having downloadable MP3s here - now I can rock out again with one of my all time favorite bands (and yeah, I even had my leather jacket painted with their logo...)


Nuff respect to Kingface everytime!

Another good DC Rock band that played at punk shows was Mother May I.


Yeah, I really love Kingface...! Big passion on mine.

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