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September 22, 2005



RE: Bent Bolt & The Nuts "The Mechanical Man"

This was posted at Houseplant Picture Studio last year, and by the time I got around
to grabbing it, it was gone...thanks for posting a link to it again. The vocal reminds me of that old Gumby episode with the robotic Blockheads landscaping Gumby's house...
and screwing everything in the process.

As I recall, this was a promo single and the
flipside was a typical wacky company jingle
(the company being an industrial parts manufacturer)



I remember a secret museum of the air show waaaay back when devoted to throat singing, or diphonic singing as Pat Conte or Citizen Kafka called it
and lo and behold, I think the link below is IT
there's one jazz number in there with this really great popeye vocal freakout! Shiver me timbers...but I don't know where exactly it is...
who cares, this whole show is great


it's around 38-39 minutes in, the singer is billy costello


Pete -

I was the source of the posting of Mechanical Man at the Houseplant Picture Studio - I had that 45 as a 4-year-old back in the mid-60s, it was my favorite record! Fortunately I digitized it before I somehow lost the record.. Anyway, you're confusing it with the STRAT-O-FLEX record as far as the B-side goes, which was in fact a corporate record. The B-Side of Mechanical Man was an instrumental tune by Teddy Randazzo, I believe, called Sweet and Sour.

According to , here's some more info about the record, which can also be heard there:

"Bent Bolt and the Nuts
"The Mechanical Man" 7" on MGM (K 13635), USA
Written by C.Astone, C. Mastren, L.Burgio, M.Gartman, produced by C.L.C.L. Productions for Teddy Randazzo Productions. b/w "Sweet and Sour" (Alessandro Mentrasti). A few copies were released in a picture cover.

I remember having the picture sleeve when I was a tyke, but it's long long gone..


Vanilla Ice of all people does some throat-scat in the middle of, or near the end of the song Havin' a Roni, which was on his album To The Extreme.


I'm looking for some Tuvan House music played at the opening of a Gogol Bordello show. Any thoughts?


I'm looking for some Tuvan House music played at the opening of a Gogol Bordello show. Any thoughts?

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