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September 29, 2005



NJ: The 4th maybe 5th place I want to be at any one time!


New Jersey: Yes, you've sunk that low.

Listener James from Westwood

New Jersey—You Can't See It While You're Sleeping!

Zach in Philly

I'm not at all familiar with the Maxwell situation, but it sure is tempting to rhyme with the nationally known Maxwell House slogan with something like, "Maxwell Place, Make It Your Last Stop."

If what's in is selling-out and buying-up the low-down, it's tempting to rework Dylan's, "So long, New York, Howdy, [Hoboken]" from "Talkin' New York."


Pennsylvania used have signs at the state border back in the eighties that said "Now entering Pennsylvania - Welcome to America!". I always wanted NJ to fight back, but they seemed content to let it be. Of course, they had the winning slogan "New Jersey and you - perfect together!"

Listener Paul

New Jersey--thanks to low expectatations, you won't be disappointed.

Listener Paul

New Jersey--home of the discount latte

New Jersey--despite the fact that it is actually a pretty decent place to live, you get this massive inferiority complex that gives its residents a certain edge not found anywhere else.

New Jersey--No, you really don't get used to the smell.

New Jersey--Making the best of it since 1650.

New Jersey--so ashamed our state university is called Rutgers

New Jersey--Say whatever you want, WFMU makes it home here, and for what I'm sure is a good reason.


uh... i love new jersey

jersey bashing is an old joke... if you dont like it LEAVE!!!

New Jersey.. "if you dont like it leave, no one cares"


New Jersey Invented Leaving

New Jersey Is Where My Mom Lives

New Jersey Gave Me Acne


Part of the problem is that people who can afford to live anywhere choose to live in New York. So there is a hard core of trustfunders driving gentrification which is exploding outward into mre distant areas. I suppose I will feel the same way about where I live years from now as you feel about Hoboken now. I hope not, it is referenced in the lyric above but I dare not mention it for fear of being smothered in A-team lunchboxes.


New Jersey - Better than Deleware

New Jersey - So hated. So over populated. Go figure.

New Jersey - Great shore. The reset of the state...

Chris J

NJ: Not Dense, Just Densely Populated
NJ: If It Were as Bad as They Say, It Wouldn't Be So Densely Populated
Maxwell Place: Where Drips Percolate!

Listener James from Westwood

Hey buddy—this is the State of New Jersey and I don't care who ya are!!

New Jersey: A 55-Gallon Drum of Fun


Princeton: I Can't Believe It's New Jersey!


I Can't Believe I'm IN New Jersey


New Jersey: When You Crave Real Supermarkets, We're The One!


It was this or Staten Island


New Jersey - Face It, You Used to Dump Shit On It Too.

New Jersey - Go Ahead and Slime It, It's Expensive Enough Already

A Man

New Jersey: At least we don't have a view of New Jersey

Martin Brodour : Jersey Devil Graphix

If it's where Ernie Kovacs was from that's good enough for me to be a proud Jerseyite.


New Jersey: You wish you could hang, but you're not cool enough.


What happens in Jersey, stays buried in Jersey.


Our top ten rejected New Jersey state slogans, as reported in today's New York Times.

jane lester

new jersey come for the cancer stay for the chemo

oh just lil ol me

"Welcome to New Jersey ..Hey! You Shoulda Seen the OLD one!"

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