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September 01, 2005


fatty jubbo

yowza! what a great dinnerball this month!


I love Steve Bent`s song. I`ve been singing it all day!


Dinnerbell = upset girlfriend. Always.

Oddio Katya

Didn't Maiden throw the first punches? Picking on the host at his own fest is disrespectful and lame.

Hazel L'Aura G.

greetings Brian -
thanks for the mind blowing blast from the 'no new york days'...i got an e-mail from Rant records telling me you had a blog on Health's amazing how the music still resonates...i was the lead singer for the band back in those crazy daze...& i'm curious to know how you got hold of this cut etc...? the guitar player Philip Armetta & i still make the occasional original piece together...&
he has all the master tapes & cd's of the old Health Hen & Heal recordings...
thanks again for making the connection...
let me know if you'd like any more info. etc...
Hazel L' Aura G.


Regarding Health Hen. Rob Cotton is the drummer for the band he is one of my best mates...I have worked with him in bands such as Demiden and Spliff....Health Hen was a great band! How did you end up with the masters of Health Hen? Were you part of the band?


Hazel, the last post wasn't for you....BTW--Rob Cotten and I were just talking about you a few weeks ago...if you want rob cottons # just e-mail me at I was just wondering how this radio station endend up with the masters.

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