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September 20, 2005


Cyn Collins

Thought I'd share a video mashup I accidently culled that I think sounds great, as I tried to listen to Mothers and Wolves at the same time. Cool. I referenced it and WFMU it to my music blog.


Great clip! Thanks a bunch. The Mothers are always a band I've pretty much looked over, now I want to check more out.

abi rhodes

All those early MOI albums are great

my favourite is 'Burnt Weeny Sandwich'

I particularly like 'Little House in the Country'

Blair Fraipont

That was a wonderful clip! Zappa and the Mothers were so much at once. I have always loved that when Zappa solos he rarely if never makes any of those ridiculous and repugnant faces that most guitarist make as if they are gonna spew their load all over their intstrument.

Thanks again!


Ghost Dog

First band I went to see ever was the original Mothers, it was 1969, it was a matinee, and I played hookey from high school. I was 20 something years later in a bar with Jimmy Carl Black and I told him how seeing this lot, as my first band ever, spoiled me for just about every other band I saw since...."they don't play no rubber chickens...they don't do no snorks..." he said, imitating what he imagined my juvenile disappointment would have been. Annd he was right. He was still oversexed, even then..

Dylan McKenzie

Love the Mothers, love the clip, but the late 60's camera work is a real headache!

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