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September 22, 2005




I recall you playing me some of that "music" and me calling it something like "20 minutes of static."

I agree with your "bikes" comments. When i rode, i did not annoy my neighbors, i actually RODE my motocycle to places, not wanting to just "show off" to the locals. Most of those guys that tinker with their so-called preciously cool "Harley" really need to understand that the size of their wanker really shouldn't matter.

Chris T.

Thanks for another great blog entry, Wm! I couldn't agree more. But I'd like iBeam to remember it's not just guys with Harleys: in my neck o' the woods it's those godawful Ninjas and what-not, those Japanese superbikes that are ridden by the most annoying, oblivious idiots on the planet. As much as I hate winter, I find myself longing for it arrival, just to be free of street noise...

John L

Best resource for noise I've found:, the Noise Pollution Clearinghouse. Lots of info on how to deal with it and freindly helpful people. Noise = any sound you don't like! Sounds good to me.


who loves silence as much as FMU. New noise to battle: propeller airplanes. Get mufflers on those things!

Krys O.

I like to imagine all of the "boombox" cars on the road are having important lugnuts and/or screws slowly separating due to the excessive vibrations. They will eventually fall apart on the road with comic effect. But the drivers will still be oblivious to this because they're FUCKING DEAF!

Deafness is the next big thing. Eh?

Tim Rutherford-Johnson

In the UK we probably are more likely to complain about noise pollution than some places, but it's not all bad - we do (I believe, and our car alarms behave like this) have legislation that a car alarm must stop, at least periodically, every 30 seconds or so. So the hours of constant noise that so entranced Cage is a rarity here. However, I swear one of my neighbours has given up switching off his alarm whenever he needs to get something out of the car; his alarm goes off once or twice every. Single. Day.


On a visit to a smaller Canadian city, I was struck by how quiet it was, despite two giant cranes across the street erecting a condo building. (Come to think of it, concrete probably isn't that loud while it's being poured, but then again, our Canadian brothers and sisters are incredibly courteous and soft spoken). My visit was a audio portrait in 19th century peace and quiet (the horse drawn historical tour clip-clopped by the window every morning - delightful). Krys O. is right. Deafness is the next big thing, and we should all be buying stock in hearing aid manufacturers - I have a feeling that I may outlive today's young'uns who've ruptured their innards with MegaBass.


I only live at night because it is actually quite.

Fucking Chicago CTA...this is one of my biggest gripes...These goddamn speakers that they installed on every bus. An external speaker to loudly announce the route and street and every GODDAMN CORNER! and if your inside the bus, every five minutes your subjected to another threatening or inane message by the CTA.

I work on this shitty street full of sports & yuppie bars. One of the bars has extremely shitty cover bands play every night...and it's loud! It strikes me as ironic that someplace like the Lounge Axe, which could arguably be considered a , um, cultural institution of sorts, was shut down due to noise complaints (the condos moved in) while this bar can blast its countless crap versions of "Jack & Diane" over & over so half-wits can booze it up and not be bothered by meaningful conversation because the music is so loud.

motorcycles! jesus! 3 quarters of my bike riding depends on listening...when these idiots blast away on their booming bikes, the sound bounces off of I don't know if their right up my ass about to plow into me or if they are two lanes over. They might as well fucking blind-fold me for 30 seconds.

The Pop View

Actually, I find those boomin' systems fascinating. Obnoxious, but fascinating.

At the CES Show, I once saw an old VW Bug that was essentially nothing but two front seats backed by a huge sound system. Total overkill.

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