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September 05, 2005


John L

"I think these are pretty good precepts for living in general."

Yes. After events that really try your soul like 9/11, you realize what really matters.


John L


We can all take comfort in knowing that Trent Lott's decimated house will be rebuilt, and G.W. will again sit on the porch, sipping the sweet lemonade of evil.


As a Floridian, I need to point out that we're still picking up here after Ivan and all the other hurricanes last year. There are still tarps on some roofs and we don't expect to have everything fixed for awhile. All of the problems LA, MS, and AL are experiencing now with gas shortages, not being able to get power back on, etc. are problems that we had last year consistently and can't seem to solve because we can't get federal backing on these problems. They're there. We know it. And they do nothing. So don't hold up Florida as an example of getting things done.

Janey Yonkers

I don't think she meant Florida got things done, I think she meant evil lemonade-sippin' GWBush got down there right away and at least the feds paid some attention to it, but only because they have a Bush governor.


This was beautifully written; thanks

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