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September 26, 2005


Zach in Philly

Well at least zaftig figures are still sexy. An' why doesn't anyone wear their hair like that anymore? I love it!
Thanks, Mr. Science! I'll be losing sleep now to the to top and bottom right pics!


I'm a little worried about that one where she's in the pool. I hope she didn't drop the radio in and get electricuted....


The young lady in the pool is holding a crystal set - no power needed. Come to think of it, using a crystal set in a pool is a pretty good idea. Good counterpoise (go look it up).

I lust for those radios. And the girls, maybe.



Cool retro-iPods!

Lee Hartsfeld

Your zaftig comment is rather ironic, since the attractive lady in the photos is normally-proportioned--"normally" meaning "what women tend to look like." As opposed to the concentration-camp ideal society uses to make women feel miserable and insecure.


Lee Hartsfeld

The lady in the bottom three photos, that is....


Krys O.



We have come a long way, babe.

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