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September 29, 2005


Ray Brazen

Just lovely. A post that took me way, way back to the great times of pre-colonial Williamsburg 'n' such. Not to mention other places and faces. More please! More Berger!!


BRAVO, Meester Boiger! That was one enjoyable read. I miss hanging out with ya, but reading that, well i could hear you saying it as i read the words. Good stuff!

And WOW! Eek-A-Mouse... Haven't heard that name in a LOOOONG while.


Ah, the grocery stores...
Or the record store where those in the know would lift the Bob Marley t-shirt (not too subtle) revealing a hole in the wall where an act of faith...
Or the place where they would lower a basket on a rope down the stairwell...
And the artist who did the cover for the Fly Ashtray 10" who answered my email with "Do not try to contact me again, ever."
Yep, life is funny.

H.P. Zink n' stuff

I'm glad that you are writing this blog.Thanks for thinking to include me in it , tis an honor.I forgot about the song for Uncle Wiggly to sing.I can see that there was'nt alot of melody in my mind back then.I almost got run over by one of those giant buses shaped like an Oscar meyer hot dog once.I'll write a song about that for the Uncle Wiggly reunion, oops ! I'm started a rumer!Sorry! and thanks.TJK P.S. You and Sid are going to be on my next album right?

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