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September 20, 2005



thanks for this...just curious, does Ubuweb have a standard that they use for encoding mp3s (such as using variable bit rates, like alt-preset standard, as opposed to constant bit rates)?

Kenny G.

UbuWeb is the Robin Hood of file sharing. Plucked from the networks and reposted without any processing. What you get is what we get.

hyena sparerib

posted recently when Wm B put up Cheap Trick's "Speak Now" about how I was lugging the "TR" LP around in hopes of playing the original someday, then (I think) Liz Berg played it on air, and now this! Nice!

ubuweb and the Internet Archives moving image/audio pages... I'll never leave the house... all these Holy Grails of the all-the-cool-stuffs-out-of-print 70s to distract the aging hipster.

hyena sparerib

oh, how embarrassing - I meant Terry Reid!

rest of the comment still holds, tho

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