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September 12, 2005



Willa Cather is indeed great. Her story "Paul's Case" has always been my favorite shorty. Of course, I also grew up in Iowa along the Missouri, so maybe it's predestined...


Bravo for highlighting American Signs. I came across it at a used bookstore recently with no cash in hand and now you've reminded me to hunt it down. I spend a lot of time poring through the commercial architecture books and they all tend to focus on the garish, the goofy, the longing-for-the-good-old-googie-days. This book offers probably the least romanticized, least kitsch-intensive look at commercial design of the 50s-70s that I've seen.

Call Screener Jeff

Hi Bronwyn,

Great reading choices! I've been so busy reading online crizzap that I've fallen way behind on my "real" reading.

I've always wanted to ask you if you've read any Dawn Powell. I'm in the middle of "Dance Night" right now; any midwesterner can relate to book about young people wanting to grow up already and get the heck out of small town Ohio. It's truly great.

Second, I recommend Cather's immortal "My Antonia". As HL Mencken said, "No romantic novel ever written in America, by man or woman, is one half so beautiful as My Antonia." As a Nebraskan myself I agree, of course.

I hope I get to hear you and Dr. Colby talk books again one day!


Hi Bronwyn, I am one of the designers behind the Popink books (Don't worry about the review, I'm a big boy). Anyway, being from southwest Iowa myself (Essex), I was wondering which village you where from? It's great to see people from the dirty, dirty south of Iowa doing something.

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