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September 19, 2005


John LeMaitre

Do you have a pic of the album cover? Also, the liner notes don't seem to correspond to the mp3's...

I guess I'm just anal...

Kimberly johnston

okay my schools bookfair is hacing a beatnik cafe i need pictures of the way the cafes looked it would help so much thanx


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Wilma Cayonne

I was married to Johnny Cayonne "Jamaica Johnny" for 29 years before he died from cancer. Quite coincidentally I took out his LP just the other day to show our son Antonio who is also a theatre performer. If you have any questions, you can contact me.....thanks Wilma

Wilma Cayonne

Regarding Jamaica Johnny's two poems. The first one is titled "Even This Yveanna" not "Even This Irvana". If you want a copy of the original, I will fax it to you. Could you please correct it?
Thanks....Wilma Cayonne (wife of the late Johnny Cayonne)

vaspers aka steven e. streight

What year was this music made? Am twittering a link to this page for my beatnik pals. Love this stuff.

Michael Simon

I made the cover photograph for an album at Cafe Bizzare, back in 1959 or so, and I remember different poetry. My favorite one was Bibleland, "where Christ is crucified every half-hour." Another poem spoke of going out to buy apple juice.

As I lost the record many years ago, I would much appreciate help finding the sound as MP3.

With thanks,

Michael Simon

B. Curtis Baldwin

I met Stevenson Phillips in 1960 or 61, I was around 13, I am 60 now. My father, Mel Baldwin,was an announcer at CBS-KNX in Hollywood California and had a Classical Music Program called Music till Dawn that was on from 11:30pm till 4:30am. He heard Steve Play at some place in Hermosa Beach. My Dad knew the people at Columbia Records which was on the third floor of the CBS-KNX Building on Sunset Blvd and Gower Street and got Steve to CUT an Album which Steve Tiled (The Songs and Stories of Stevenson Phillips), his First and only Record Album as far as I know. I met Steve when my Dad brought him home one night and Steve Slept on the couch. After my Dad went to work at about 10:30 Steve and I stayed up Playing Guitars and swapping songs until almost five. I slinked down stairs when my Dad drove up in the driveway. I have been playing the Songs and Stories from that album of Steve's for all these years and thinking I would never hear from him or about him again. He taught me so much about Music and Story Telling that he really wound up changing who I would become. He has been my Mentor, for sure. Thank you for your Web Site!!!! I just never though to try and find him on the computer. PS. Someone made off with my Album but not before I copied it to a Tape and then to a CD, it's a (Long Story). Is there anyone out there with his album that I could get a Photo Copy of the Album front and Back? I would also pay big bucks for that album and any other Records he might have made after 1960. PPSS Steve was also a Substitute Teacher at Hollywood High School. I didn't know he was a Teacher until he walked into my Freshman English Class a year or so after he was at the house. Totally blew me away! Steve was and always will be my Mentor and to hear what you have on your Web Site of him is a Great Gift way beyond words for me. My Dad and I just figured he just rambled off in that old convertable VW Bug he had and have always wondered where he made off to. I'm Totally Stoked about this, DAMN!! New Material! Yaa!!! These Itchin' Feet! Thank You so much, B. Curtis Baldwin.

B. Curtis Baldwin

About Stevenson Phillips. If anyone has anything of his or wants more information about him you can contact me at [email protected] / Anyone know what happened to him?

B. Curtis Baldwin

CORRECTION: My father didn't get Steve in touch with Columbia Records, Steve recorded on AVA Records and my father met Steve through Tommy Wolfe who was a Song Writer and Composer and a Musical Director for Television Shows. B. Curtis Baldwin


I've got the album. Do you still want pics of it?


What year was this, 1960 I'm guessing?


Is there any way i can get hold of the album? The tracks by Ellie Girl are amazing, did she record anything else? Can't find anything on ebay or Gemm! Thanks, Joe

Walter Brooks

FYI - Rafio the Mad Monk is alive and well and publishing an online newspaper called where I am writing my bio and have added links to you in Chapter 10 which will be posted later this week.

The bio is at

Cathi Austin

I would LOVE to get a copy of Last Night of the Gashouse. I heard it on the radio in about 1966 and still remember the chorus ... "last night of the Gashouse, doomed for to come down...folks came from miles around." Thanks! anonweaver (at)

greg bales

My father was Ringo Angel. Anyone who reads this remember him. if there is anything more that can be found please let me know. this is all I have of his voice. -Gregory

[email protected]

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