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September 26, 2005


John L

You're the best Bronwyn. If it comes down to your needing the $100, I would be happy to send it to you.


John L/lipwak

Joseph B

Its good to see that there are people up north that havent forgot about us down here. I live in Baton Rouge (the new largest city in Louisiana) and I broke my foot a week before Katrina. The only thing Ive been able to do is cook for all the evac's that have taken refuge on all the floors and couches.(A whole family of 9 staying in a small 2 bedroom apt. is common these days). There are no more places to rent here...If yall want to help, send us housing!
BTW Ive never in my life seen so many helicoptors in my life! For many days, there was 1 every 30 down to about 10 a day..
Keep on Keepin on
Joseph B

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