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September 11, 2005


Eleanor Miller

I wish I could do something to help. Although not raised in Orleans, I was born there. And probably is why I've loved jazz and the blues way back to Piano Red in Atlanta when I was just a little kid.

Coming to New Orleans made me feel like I'd come home ... in a way I had. I think i'ts in my blood. Although I haven't done/seen all the wonderful New Orleans experiences in person, I think I have spiritually found similar experiences elsewhere ... New York, Atlanta, Ft. Lauderdale. Certainly not the real thing -- but ...

i want to be there for the 2006 Jazz/Heritage Festival. I'll keep checking on your progress ...

I know you'll make it. And it's not just 'chance' that saved your collection ...

love and appreciation , eleanor miller

christopher price

GREAT NEWS TO HEAR OZ's PRICELESS TREASURE OF MUSIC IS SAVED FOR THE TIME BEING! After reading this article, I can breathe a little sigh of releif. Being able to listen to OZ in exile has already put a smile on my face for the day. THANKS FOR SAVING A CULTURAL TREASURE! Now, it is our turn.
All the thanks in the world,
Christopher Price

scott granell

Question, as many New Orleans Musicians were safe elsewhere when katrina happened, have any of them volunteered any music for the station? Have Public television or radio stations?

Also, I am sure the fellow community radio stations could help, as I know WMNF in Tampa has a good collections of Jazz, not that I can speak for them though.


So glad to hear you got in secured the place. I can't even begin to imagine what priceless vinyl is stored in there. And THANKS to 'FMU for keeping us informed!

Jim Renfrow

I'm an employee of Memorial Medicala Center. I was on Hurricane Duty at the time of Katrina. Currently, I am staying with friends in Temple, Tx. Do you know wether or not The water around Memorial Medical Center is down enough to enable me to drive my 4x4 pickup out of the Clara Garage. A lot of employees have their auto parked there. Your help would be gratly appreciated.

Thanks, JLR



Henry C. Lacey

To David:

I applaud you commitment to 'OZ and to the cultural heritage of New Orleans. I hereby pledge my support for your great work. Toward that end, I am attempting to establish contact with other Board members of the New Orlean Jazz and Heritage Festival and Foundation. Could you send me the e-mail addresses of as many of those individuals as possible? I would deeply appreciate that.

I am in Huntsville, Alabama, my hometown. I have been in contact with members of the Tennessee Valley Jazz Society, which has expressed interest in contributing to a fund for New Orleans musicians who were victimized by Katrina. What do you advise?

Henry C. Lacey

Susan Dickson-Smith

Congratulations on saving the station's record collection! That is wonderful news. My husband and I are programmers on WERU FM 89.9 ( in Blue Hill, Maine, one of your sister community radio stations. Our station has been getting the word out about WWOZ, playing New Orleans music, and encouraging people to keep giving all they can to help with hurricane relief. Another great community station, WMPG FM 90.9 in Portland, Maine, is having a "Mardi Gras in September" fund drive for WWOZ today. I just called in my pledge, and they're hoping to send a big chunk of change down to help you rebuild. I know that our station is like family to me and to many of our listeners, and you need your family most in times of crisis. I know WERU is a lifeline in our community, and I know WWOZ will be a huge part of reuniting and recharging the community of New Orleans. WWOZ will be a heartbeat pumping energy back into the community, keeping you talking and organizing and dancing together as the people of New Orleans return. All of us up in Maine are pulling for you. We won't forget you as you work to put your station and your neighborhoods back together.
All our best,
Susan Dickson-Smith
aka DJ Sanguine Fromage
listening online in Gouldsboro, Maine

Michael Dominici

Whew! Sounds like a harrowing experience! Glad to hear some good news coming out of New Orleans, especially concerning our beloved WWOZ.
Take care,
Michael Dominici


I'm so glad to hear y'all on air again, even if it is in exile. I'm from Alabama but had just moved back to the south about a month ago to New Orleans by way of San Francisco and WWOZ was the number one thing to make me feel like I was home.

Three cheers to all of you working to keep the music alive.

Jan Denali

Great to hear of your efforts and successes and your exile broadcast. Hooray for your perserverence.
I am so relieved. I will be checking back regularly for the latest.
We support you here in Seattle, Washington and send our love and encouragement.
Jan Denali
KBCS member

Kent Bordelon

Hip Hip Hurrah for WWOZ, I'm back in the land of OZ.

Ross O'Keefe

Wow! That is a crazy story. I plan on heading back home to Jefferson Parish to collect my things. It's a strange feeling to be sitting in breezy weather next to a beach sans mosquitos and feel homesick...but I miss home dearly. Keep things on the positive, David, and we'll be back sooner than you think.

Linda Rose

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You... for taking the time to tell your story about our Darlin' OZ....... My head has been 'spinnning' about whether to EVER come HOME OR NOT..... after reading this......I'M THERE... I must have been totally "out of my mind" thinking I could ever leave my home, my Beautiful New Orleans or be 'out of range' to sit in the OZ studio (wherever it may be) answering those phones for the next fund drive...AND BOY, WILL WE NEED A FUND DRIVE.....
I LOVE WWOZ AND I LOVE MY HOME NEW ORLEANS....Can't wait to sit under The Oak Trees in City Park listening to my FAVORITE RADIO STATION IN THE WORLD... THANKS for bringing me back to Reality.................. and God Bless Everyone who has been Affected by the Calamity Forever Known as KATRINA!!! XOXO

Mimsie LeMar

Beloved New Orleans has a powerful spirit. In the midst of what has been washed away so much of what is essential remains. It is the efforts of people joining together and making valiant efforts like securing the music of WWOZ that will rebuild our precious home. I agree the sooner we return the sooner we will propagate the spirit of New Orleans through the love every one of us brings to our sacred home (I feel honored to call New Orleans home). The light of the Crescent City is beginning to shine through the brackish waters and thank you so much for being such a vital part of that. I know I want to be a part of the revival; I will be there soon helping in whatever way I can. For now my prayers are with you and I am thankful to be tuning in.

Gail Furillo

Listening to WWOZ in exile has helped to keep everyone at my cluster of radio stations in California focused on the long term needs of New Orleans. We have raised over $100,000 for the Red Cross and are now turning our efforts to Habitat for Humanity International to help re-build the houses needed for the most beautiful element of New Orleans, the people. I will continue to send money for the re-building effort of WWOZ and hope to be down there soon with Habitat. I am grateful for your efforts and beyond grateful that the music collection is safe. Our thoughts and prayers and cash are with you and the beautiful people of New Orleans.

vivica thomas

hello there,
am from london in the uk and i am shock with what the hurricane turn lovely new orlean to i have a little charity giving organisation we dont take but we give i am ready to help financally to any one need my help i could send cheque to any one in need of some fund just email me with your address and name to get the cheque and it will be to you .

God bless you
Vivica Thomas

Rula Lenska

Question - When you signed off did
you play the us national anthem?



I just found out you're at least webcasting!

Long before Katrina, I couldn't get the station on line because of some computer on my part.

I do hope you're all well and that all you precious lps and cds are safe.

I did visit the station in June and met Catfish on a Friday morning. He put me on the air (as I too am in radio). IT WAS COOL!!!

Be safe, and hopefully back at home soon!


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