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October 21, 2005



bingo, chris!

Listener James from Westwood

Chris, there has indeed been a product for ladies called Creme de la Femme. At my prior workplace, I got junkmail destined for the editors of the psych journals I edited and typeset. One day I received a few pages on a revolutionary female-lubrication enhancer called, yes, Creme de la Femme. I don't know if this product ever caught on, and the idea of Googling it unnerves me, but the most disturbing thing was that the junkmail was addressed to the editor of a child psychology journal. Yergh!

Listener James from Westwood

Nonny, that's the product for which I got the ad! We posted like 2 minutes apart — congrats on finding it!!


We have a few "services" like that here in Orange County, CA. My favorite is called "Model Quality Introductions", and I hope you'll like this description of the place.

"Creme de la Femme" is so much better, though.

Chris T.

I just thought of a great name for an "introduction service" that would hook the criminally insane up with loose women: "Nuts for Sluts".

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