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October 15, 2005



adjust your jib for a jab in the eye. a bummer.


From: [me]
Date: Oct 16, 2005 9:41 AM
Subject: Shame on you!

Shame on you for your lawsuit against The Black Lantern for using 9
non-contiguous seconds of the "This Land" video in their mashup of the
Legendary KO's "George Bush doesn't like Black People". After the EFF
was good enough to support your own cause, for you to turn around and
be the bad guys you yourself protested is the height of hypocrisy. Be
sure that every time I find a link to one of your videos, I will be
sure to post a link to the documentation of your shameful activity.


an avid blogger and netizen

Bengals Boy

First, thanks for hunting this information down. When I read this on Boing Boing I was surprised that this would even be an issue.

Second, on what basis does Jib Jab think this will help their internet karam? Seriously. They garnered a ton of publicity and goodwill for their efforts to work within OUR CULTURE'S history by building on created works. It was marginally political free speech, but the video on Black Lantern was political free speech. It's chilling.

Again, thanks for your efforts. They are much appreciated.


Unfotunately, the Jib-Jab gang has lost their edge along with their sense of humor and fair play. The latest cartoons are not nearly as funny as "This Land" and "Good to Be In DC". It wouldn't surprise me if their culture has changed to something a good deal less irreverent and a good deal more corporate. Too bad. They were funny once.

Paul Robichaux

I can assure you that the ACLU isn't handing out any "Bill of Rights Awards" for support of the Second Amendment.

Bill Ofrights

Paul, maybe that's because the 2nd ammendment's not under attack? you might have your NRA talking points but pretty much every US court decision ever backs me up.

(and when was the last time you saw a well-regulated militia sued out of existence?)


How is this "clearly transformative"? A parody like the original JibJab one is obvious in its transformation because it changes the entire meaning of the original song. How does appropriating JibJab clips for a video mocking George Bush transform them in any way? The original JibJab clips were mocking the president; the clips in the song were used to mock the president. It's not a case like in the "Shining" trailer where they bothered to transform original video into something new, all these guys did was piggyback on and co-opt JibJab's mojo without making it in any way different.

Hypocrites my ass.


Subject: BOO


You had love in your hands, and you gave it up.

Your true love lives and you marry another

True love saved you from the Fire Swamp, and you treated it like garbage. And that's what you are, the Queen of Refuse! the Queen of Slime, the Queen of Filth, the Queen of Putrescence. Boo! Boo! Rubbish! Filth! Slime! Muck! Boo! Boo!

David Dixon

My letter to

Someone used 9 seconds of your "This Land" animation for a not-for-profit commentary, and you threaten to sue?

At least do what we do... when someone tries to sell our free material, we send them a polite note privately. We don't send a cease-and-desist, because that's what an asshole would do. If someone appropriates our material for a nonprofit use (such as for a mashup), we say.. go right ahead, just give us credit. Treat your fans with respect, and they will do likewise. It's worked for us.

I wonder how many over at the EFF are sorry now for defending you, and, with you as an example, how likely they'll be to defend someone else's free-speech rights depending on how co-opted they think they will become. I've enjoyed your animations since 2001, and was proud to see you triumph over Ludlow (with the EFF's help), and even prouder to see you hit the mainstream with your recent Leno appearance. Unfortunately, it appears that you have been sucked into the system that does not allow *any* infringement, no matter what its scale or significance may be. You have become small-minded controllers of content, with the emphasis on control, not content.

You should be ashamed.

David Dixon
Webmaster of Puppets


The JibJab lawsuit was also based on the fact that the copyright for This Land is Your Land had expired and Ludlow Music had not renewed the copyright in a timely manner therefore JibJab was permitted to use the song since it had been considered legally to be in the public domain.

It should be noted that since the lawsuit between the two parties has been settled Ludlow has since reapplied to copyright all of Guthrie's songs that they control.


This legal bullshit will never end. The niceties and finalities will be debated until Armageddon but in truth, if a few wee seconds of your stuff in someone else's stuff is going to fuck up your life and your income I'd like to see concrete proof. If not, SHUT THE FUCK UP and get on with your own shit.

As for Guthrie, I can't exactly see him taking anyone to court for "intellectual property infringement".

Keely Thomas-Moore

Funny how people only interpret the law as it applies to their benefit. I wish that the Black Lantern has stood up to Jib Jab a little bit longer. I would have loved to have the have to acknowledge their double standard. I see stuff like this all the time in employment situations. I guess that's why we have Utah employment law and stuff like that. ( )

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