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October 26, 2005



Citizen Kafka used to have this article archived on his site, and he (with the help of Irwin) went to the trouble of identifying all the records being held up by the WFMU staffers in the photo accompanying the article. Through the magic of, here's the list:

FRONT ROW: Irwin Chusid (Linda Perhacs: 'Parallelograms'), Mike Cumella, aka 'Mac' (Edison disc). 2ND ROW: Hova Najarian (Mekons: 'Rock'n'Roll'), Belinda Miller (Jonathan Richman & the Modern Lovers), Ken Freedman (Sing Along With JFK), Brian Turner (Jordy: 'It's Tough To Be a Baby' 12"), Laura Cantrell (George Jones). BACK ROW: Gaylord Fields (10"-sq. piece of metal that Chop Shop record came strapped to), Citizen Kafka (on ladder) (The White Sisters), Monica Lynch (Mr. Magic's Rap Attack), Glen Jones (John Mellencamp), Kenny G. (John Cage).

I regret to report that I have only 2 out of the 12 discs pictured in my own personal collection, but I have collected 7 out of the 12 WFMU staffers in the photo.

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