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October 31, 2005


the goat

very cool. I prefer to listen to it with my notorious b.i.g. ready to die instrumentals playing in the background.


Actually, it's the same Coven! I think the lineup was a bit different, but Jinx Dawson (seen at left on the album cover there) did indeed sing One Tin Soldier.

More info on her recent life can be found here:

And, more great info about the band's fun old Satanic material can be found here:


I liked the mix, especially the wierd version of Heartbreak Hotel, If anyone knows who that's by or where I can find it please let me know.


Coven originally materialized in Indianapolis, Indiana during the late 1960s. According to "Witchcraft" producer Bill Traut, band members began their early gigs by being carried onstage in coffins.

Traut needed an act perform on a record featuring a Black Mass -- Coven would be the perfect group for the project. Apparently, he'd been wanting to do a liturgy for the Devil for years, and even before Traut knew about Coven, they already were an established mid-west rock band . . . and furthermore, they were genuine practitioners of black witchcraft.

Soon, he had the band relocate to Chicago and signed to Mercury Records. Evidentally, they signed thier contract in blood!

It should also be noted that Traut's production company was called Dunwich Productions, named after "The Dunwich Horror", a short story by master of the macabre H.P. Lovecraft. In fact, the first single released by Dunwich in 1966 was a cover of Them's "Gloria" by the Shadows of Knight. The catalogue number of the record was #666.

Another group recording for Traut was actually called H.P. Lovecraft. What's more, he christened another band from Chicago with a fitting name -- STYX.

All this, plus a comedic incident involving a 1969 concert in detroit that almost put Timothy Leary over the edge serves as a crazy story indeed. Hopefully Jinx Dawson should write a book about the whole mess, if she can remember any of it!


Oz Osbourne on the Coven album is actually THEE Ozzy!!!!

W mPerry

definately the same band. I worked with Chris Nielsen, the guitar player for a number of years in LA-in his sign shop- a trade he'd picked up by painting those "peaches" record store giant album covers after Coven got permenantly beached in LA by Tom Laughlin, who'd snookered them into being his vanity back-up band, unable to perform in any other context. They fought their way out of said contract but the night before they were to get their gear out of laughlins space, it was "robbed" of all their gear(quotation marks via my friend the guitar player).
Chris also said the impetus to leave IL was Frank zAppa. They'd opened for him, and he told them to get ot of IL, being "too hip for the room". LAst i heard he'd moved back to indiana. Hey Chris!
Oh, and bullshit on the "real satanists" nonsense. Sorry


The band's name is actually Witchcraft Coven. They formed in the US, and its not ozzy from sabbath, just a weird coincidence. The band later formed Black Widow's Sacrifice.


the group Coven that did "one tin soldier" is indeed the same group Coven that did the black mass song. jinx dawson is the same girl in both. the other members of the group changed though.


i love your site, listened to the mass and it is fab, would like to see more downloads of alister crowley and anton lavey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
thanxs a mill for keeping our culture and history alive
hail satan, so mote it be!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


In response to Galen's query, the Heartbreak Hotel is by John Cale, from his Slow Dazzle album. For the purposes of this mixtape however, it seems like it was a 33 1/3 record played at 45 rpm. The original is unsettling enough, but this kinda takes it into hyper-drive.

Matthew Affeltranger

Jinx Dawson has a MySpace page

Please join up as friends . . . she needs 666 members before she can open up the COVEN vault on Halloween . . .


The whole Jinx ''legacy'' is very amusing to say the least!

She owes her beauty and voice to her German or Scottish(I am guessing thats what it is) blood though, NOT ''satan''.

She, like Nico(the GERMAN ICE QUEEN), is one of the 100% TRUE ORIGINAL women in the UNDERGROUND! the two of them remain the most influential women ever in music in my book! both must share German blood as well, its the only way!

I say Jinx sort of modeled her self(look wise) after Veronica Lake(had some German blood) in ''i married a witch'' from 1942.

If Jinx her self does some how read this I UGRE her to get in touch with me! we have much to learn from one another!!!

I send her an ''ave'' and a good 'ol SALUTE!!!

Joey Freeman

I have been a Satanist and a member of the Church of Satan for over Ten years now and I love to go to new sites and find the Satanic mass and Satanic anything openly talked about and spread......... anybody who would like to talk to me or answer what i said please wright back whenever.... thank you..... Ave satanis.... Hail SATAN......


I like it.

The Devil Satan

Jinx and Coven were as scary as a peanut butter sandwich.
I own their first two albums,and althought their average mediocre rock that I kinda enjoy there very average @ best.
She had a good voice no doubt,would of went further in her career if she had more engaging ("mature") material.
Now she's trying (not a criticsism)tarding on the whole "I did this first" legacy so she won't be remembered as a "one hit wonder" footnote.

Jinx/Coven were as scary as a peanut butter sandwich!
I own their first two albums,and they're average- mediocre rock that I kinda enjoy.
She had a good voice no doubt,would of went further in her career if she had more engaging ("mature") material.
The material is very corny,I guess if you're 13 (keeping with the spirit of things) you'll appreciate the satan crap etc.
The chick is pushing 60,just had a massive heart attack in Aug.
Time to grow up.
Now she's trying (not a criticism)trading on the whole "I did this first" legacy (which she did) so she won't be remembered just as a "one hit wonder" footnote.

The Christian world would have you believe Satanists are evil, corrupt, have no respect for life and wish to bring about the end of the world.

This of course is ridiculous.
Satanists do not believe in Satan as a living entity or as a God; they view Satan as a basic pre-Christian pagan force or principle of nature.

Satanism is a way of life and not about worshipping a mythical beast with horns and a pitchfork.

Satanists respect and celebrate life to the full.

To learn the truth about the Devil Satan and Satanism visit

Linda Kidwell

I've known Jinx probably around 40 years. Met her at LeScene Club in Indianapolis. She's always been a beautiful person, both outward & inward. Very, very talented lady. Sorry to hear she had a heart attack. Hope all is well with her, and would love to see her again.


I think they are the American Coven who wrote and performed OTS.

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