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October 04, 2005



I love this site.

Please post Teddy Fire here sometime! I heard him a couple years ago on fmu and can't find anything anywhere.

also you've got to know about leslie & the lys ( She'll be playing Lillie's Saturday the 8th. Her online music videos are the funniest things ever.

James Russell

I'm afraid that recording of Nico and Lou Reed you mentioned is apparently nothing of the sort. It's Nico, all right, but the recording dates from around 1981 and features whoever her guitarist was from that time. And the best VU bootleg for my money would have to be the Legendary Guitar Amp tape, purely for that astonishing version of "Sister Ray".


I'm only about 13 months late here, but this morning on my local independent station, WLUW (Chicago), I heard OOIOO's "UMA" and instantly knew I'd heard it before. It's the same song as the mp3 you have listed as Roberto De Simone "Secondo Coro Delle Lavandaie", though a different recording.

The OOIOO version is faster, shorter, and has some additional instrumentation. I found it online here: (this site lists the title as "UMO", but both the WLUW DJ and other sources say that "UMA" is correct.)

Basically, I just want to know, is this song actually a Neopolitan Opera or was the mp3 in your post mislabeled somehow? Did OOIOO just cover this? Did they get it from this very blog perhaps?



Ah yes, I remember the ktel Lp's very well !

Just found this website via the search engine results !

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