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October 31, 2005



"WFMU Vanity Plate created at"

It's nice to see prison workers with web development skills being put to good work.


I meant, Cheap Prison Labor, not "prison workers."


How about "New Jersey: Bada Bing, Bada Boom"?


"New Jersey: Bad-a-bing to the Bone" and I've always enjoyed, "New Jersey: Where The Weak are Killed and Eaten"


Our top ten rejected New Jersey state slogans, as reported in today's New York Times.


Leaving out the Boring Mafia themed and smelly stupid toxic pollution jokes, which I find to be cheap and exagerated....

Here are the funnyest New Jersey State slogans found on Weird NJ's message board.

Some of them seem negitive , unfair and untrue , but That's what makes them funny!

eNJoy !

New Jersey: Edison electrocuted cats here so you could have light, a**hole.

New Jersey: your convenient cheap shot when you can’t think of anything really interesting to say.

New Jersey's Got It, We Just Don't Know What To Do With It!

New Jersey: You Gotta Fuckin' Problem With That?

New Jersey-Guess Which Lanes Are EZPass Today?
New Jersey-What The Hell Was I Thinking?

New Jersey - where 70% of the women are ugly, and those that aren't are stuck-up beyond belief !!

New Jersey, Not New York.
New Jersey, home of Giants Stadium.

New Jersey: Yeh, I Wanna Move too

New Jersey - Just another state
New Jersey - the Hindenburg was just the beginning ...

"New Jersey where the Martians landed"

Welcome to New Jersey, Where There's a Rainbow in Every Puddle!

New Jersey;Keeping New Yorkers out of PA since 1776

NJ - Underdog Lady Lives Here
NJ - Our State Capitol is the Most Geographically Centered

NJ- The light at the end of the Tunnel.

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