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October 25, 2005



I live in East Orange and on my clock radio especially I can get in 2 stations WFMU and then there is a Xtian station which takes up the whole rest of the FM dial. It even comes in on my tape player, I can literally tape and playback their signal bleeding through to my casette player. I can't believe that this is not intentional.


Still, my favorite Xtian station will be KQPW-LP. 24 hours of origionally produced techno with pastor reading scripture.


Thanks for posting this, Liz. Can you imagine the lesson this teaches kids about getting involved with the media? Public interest my ass.

For broadcasting of a Holy nature, I've never listened to WMLK, but this nutty-looking antenna along 78 in Pennsylvania has always made it my favorite. At least they have the courtesy to stick to shortwave.


Sorry, that's this nutty-looking antenna.

Janet Beatrice

The other day, WAVM posted an updated address. For some reason the Peter Doyle address is no longer where the FCC wants the correspondence. See if you want more details, but the new address (listed on is:

Marlene Dortch
Federal Communications Commission
445 12th Street SW
Washington, DC 20554

Big thanks to anyone who writes to protest this! And big thanks to this blog for asking people to help and posting the previous FCC name and address.

A concerned Maynard resident

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