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October 27, 2005



Don't forget Biafra's best idea, Maximum Wage. I know, I know, commie blah blah, but it sure would even everything out quick if you levelled what American CEO's take home every year and increased the wages of teachers and others who desever it.

Technically he suggested it when he was runnign for prez on the grenn ticket, but it is a fine idea nonetheless.

Krys O.

Ed Forchion is a candidate for governor in NJ. His one and only platform is to tax marijuana sales.


I've been all over the site and see no mention of the Jews. Can we back this up with a link?


Olafur Thordarson

Well it is true that poor people are being driven out of New York. Gentrification they call it. Of course one won't notice if it doesn't happen to one self.
However, if one has walked the streets of Manhattan since the mid 1980s it is clear that the shopping-mallization of the city has killed countless neighborhoods for big business (GAP was early on in this).
A political party for lower rents sounds like a great idea.

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