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October 27, 2005


Mark S

This is my favorite post, ever... Thanks! The transistor radio rules, and I got my music education on one and it's probably the main reason I listen to WFMU daily. Radio like it used to be, current...


Don't forget the portable 8 track, including this tape ("Wake Up America", anarchic sound collage of TV and radio interviews)

Chris T.

Great post, Professor! I have a nice little collection of radios going on at my place and would definitely recommend a guy on eBay called "childhoodradio". He sells re-cap kits so you can restore those non-working radios from your past. I just ordered a kit for my salmon-colored Sony TR620.


Little tear in my eye... Mixed feelings. So many warm memories thinking of all that beautiful equipment i had, that by now people have permanently 'borrowed', borrowed and ruined or just nicked (my beloved boombox!) over the years. Sniff.


Great post! I never knew these were so collectable. I'm glad I rescued an old Zenith that was headed for auction after my grandmother died.


Great post! Transistor radios are a great way to start collecting radios. There are still gobs that can be had cheap, and even odd colored TR-1s in mint condition are still "cheap" compared to the high end of some of the tube based radios.

The radio collecting hobby has been in severe decline for quite a few years, mostly due to the old timers passing away. Start collecting transistors and give the hobby new blood!


Art Pym

Great post! Found the link on


Great stuff. I don't know if you have digital radio in the U.S. Here in the U.K. we were promised a choice of listening. A load of crap. Its monopolised by the BBC. Bring back the transistor radio - at least you could get far flung and superior stations from Europe.


One thing you should do is get an FM (or AM) transmitter for an Ipod (or computer). That way you can be your own DJ for your radios.

(I use my Ipod+transmitter to play music to my vintage FM radios.


My baby's at this link:

I've owned a old Motorola Transisotr for over twenty five years...I found it in Seattle at a thrift store and they toldm e it was the 'first transistor radio'. Well, it certainly was Motorola's! Imagine my delight and surprise at finding a photo of my dear old radio..which still works like a dream with the same 9 volt battery which was in it when I bought it for nine dollars and in perfect condition!
...hmm..wonder what the value is?

Burton Hollabaugh

I got my first 6 transistor radio in the early 60s. It was an RCA which used 4 "C" cells and ran forever. From then on I could go camping at the fishing hole and lay by the fire at night and play the radio all night long. It made camping fun and I didn't feel I had to turn in when it got dark.

Inspector Gadget

Even though I wasn't alive to see half of these portable music devices come out, I have a great appreciation for the advances we've made. As much as the radios changed, so did the music, so I am definitely anxious to see how the music technology, as well as the music itself changes in the future. I'm sure I will be yelling at my kids to turn down that "garbage" they will be listening to :D

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