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October 10, 2005


Jacob Haller

I had a friend who would improve songs by replace the word 'you' with 'Jews'. For example:

I love myself
I want Jews to love me
When I'm feeling down
I want Jews above me
I search myself
I want Jews to find me
I forget myself
I want Jews to remind me

I don't want anybody else
When I think about Jews I touch myself
I don't want anybody else
Oh no, oh no, oh no


From Greg (who probabply has a million of em'), just one line - Elton again:
Someone Shaved My Wife Tonight, Now She's Bare...

Colin McKay

Jefito's Blog had the same feeling:

Jeff Porcaro’s drumwork notwithstanding, “Rosanna” is a song (and video) that, to this day, I can’t even think about without gritting my teeth. I’m not a violent person, but if I could somehow punch “Rosanna” repeatedly in the stomach, I think I would. I hate “Rosanna.” I hate it not only because it’s a ridiculous, insipid, craptastically awful ballad, and not only because it’s a poisonous earworm that I find myself humming against my will after inadvertently hearing it, but because it set the pattern for a big part of Toto’s future recording output. It’s true that they’d been naming lousy songs after women as far back as Toto (”Angela”), but they did it all the time after “Rosanna” was a hit. In fact, on 1988’s The Seventh One, they did it twice! It’s a foul, foul song.


look, rosanna is a classic. i don't care what jews say.

Buckeye Girl

Well, misheard lyrics aren't exactly the same, except for now I can never think of the right ones to great pop radio singalong "Drops of Jupiter" by Train. Which in my world is:

Tell me, did you sail across the sun?
Did you make it to the Milky Way to see the lights all faded
And Van Halen is overrated

Paul Turk

One of our faves at the printshop is...

"Teenage Waistbands.....only teenage waistbaaaaands....


Jeez, for another tune that's been misheard elsewhere, there's always CCR's Bad Moon Rising:

"Don't go out with Ike/
He's bound to take your wife/
There's a bathroom on the right!"

Da da dum.


Hold me closer, Tony Da-a-anza...

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