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October 13, 2005


Looking for Rick and Rosemary Wilhelm

I have been looking for them for years. It seems they have dropped off the planet. Remember good times want to renew friendship. Where are you.


Does anyone know how to reach Rick & Rosemary Wilhelm that wrote the songs sung by lil' Markie? I have some of their music on albums and would like to have them on CD's.


I actually really like the song "Use Me". I like the way it interchanges between creepy "song of gollum" sounding parts and spooky laid back country gospel. the weirder the better, as far as i'm concerned! thanks for posting!


This is one of the most disturbing things I have ever heard. And this is coming from someone who watches Werner Herzog films and occasionally gets a Wesley Willis song stuck in his head. I think I may have heard a sample of this clown on some kind of power noise compilation (ant-zen maybe?). If you are into Lil Markie and liked Harmony Korine's film, Gummo, then check out the documentary Jesus Camp. It's worth the rental and shows what happens to kids that are forced to listen to crap like this.

Uzor Reginald

I i'm a beginner i so much love your Blog. Can you teach me some things like the picture adding and any other way you may want to help.


Jesus, the "Diary" song is fucking terrifying. The dude's voice is just awful. The crying is just hilarious and over-the-top. Do fetuses who are miscarried write crazy-ass angry songs about being miscarried and blaming their mothers? Why not write a song, "You're SO having that baby, bitch!"

Joe Cake

i've never posted on this site before, but i had to share this....i found a CD-R at a goodwill a while back with "THE ZYGOTE'S MUSICAL COLLAGE" written on it in black marker. I picked it up for a buck. It was the best buck i've ever spent. on it was a continuous mix of spliced together music....completely random stuff. and at the end was a "remix" of diary of an unborn child....set to dance music!! it blew my mind. has anyone ever heard of this?


Thank you for having these on your site. I have been looking for these for years. I loved lil Markie goes to Calvary as a little child as well as the songs

Allen Loomis

Great Blog, I'm interested in adding you to my blog roll. If I add you will you add me? I plan on stopping by often :)


Yours truly
Allen Loomis

Markie Anna Wenzel

Way cool!,I love I will praise him!
psalm 139:14 is my life verse.
I am truly fearfuly and wonderfuly made!!!

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