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October 24, 2005



I'm so confused. Is WFMU cool or not?

Janey Yonkers

I think she means it doesn't matter it's just what you like.


I don't know or care whether WFMU is cool or not, but that washtub bass is an amazing instrument. It sounds like a full band with a guitar and banjo in the video clip, even though it looks like the guy's just plucking a single string.

Billy K

There was a little band in Tucson called "Al Foul & The Shakes" who used a real-life washtub bass rather than upright for many years. Made some recordings, too. If you ever wondered what it would sound like if the Sonics were led by Hasil Adkins...with a washtub bass - they're your guys.

They're still around (as far as I know), but used an upright last I knew.

P.S. The washtub is VERY hard to play. Physically it's absolutely exhausting. And getting a good sound on-pitch is a whole 'nother story. they needed a new bass player once, and I tried it. Yikes!

Amanda Barrett

If Sluggo is into the washtub bass, does that mean he is into the washing? Somehow I doubt it. Why ruin a perfectly good washtub with washing?

chris badydnee

WASHTUB BASS!!!!!!!!!!!!

i live to play em, luv to make em.


I've never been a huge fan of weedwhacker cord for strings; clothesline just has more bite to the sound. And doesn't keep stretching as much months after stringing the tub up. Of course, clothesline rips the hell out of your fingers until you build up a callous, so start off playing with gardening gloves and wean yourself into using bare fingers.


L. F. Miller

f you got a 404 Page Not Found notice clicking on "THE web site" link above, try instead. That'll take you direct to The Washtub Bass Page.

Plunk in Peace,


Chris Badynee (washtub bassist)

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