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October 14, 2005


Chris T.

Thank you Miss Amanda. What a moving tribute to a lovely man...

John L

Yes. We miss Mr Boyd too. And I think you're right about the radio (and tv) waves heading out to space still.

Sister Boyd

Why did I know to read the blog this morning? I haven't been here in weeks (sorry). I'm Rob's sister, I think I'm going to claim the moniker of Sister Boyd from now on. I do indeed listen to Rob's old shows, my favorite being one in which he talks about a neighbor Mary Mullen being the first girl he ever kissed. Oh, if I could razz him about that now...

Thank you, Miss Amanda. Now call your damn sister-in-law!

Bronwyn C.

I hear those echoes too.
As long as our love for Mr. Boyd is still with us, then Mr. Boyd is still here.


Indeed, we are (probably) not alone. Far flung intergalactic civilizations will also ponder that ages-old question: when, where and why does the Emergency Alert System kick in?

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