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October 25, 2005


Jeff T



You forgot Michael Jackson.


Didn't The Phantom (he of the original of The Cramps Love Me) wear a mask... some kinda wrestling thing I thought though that coulda been someone else - like the guys who did The Crusher (i forget their names)...

If The Phantom didn't have a mask then he should've done shouldn't he?


Hey, and what about MF Doooooooooooooom?


The utterly fabulous Los Straitjackets.

Pseu Braun

Loki- The Bananamen a.k.a. The Sting Rays did "The Crusher", and also covered "Love Me" by The Phantom: who certainly ranks as a Masked Musical legend!

listener colin in Toronto

When in high school I remember listened to LPs of Nash the Slash, cool instrumental stuff done on his electric violin that I thought would be ideal soundtracks for silent expressionistic horror films. A few years later, moving to Toronto for college, I learned that that was what he was doing after a small spot of fame with a minor hit that made some airplay. He would do live soundtracks to screenings of Nosferatu and such. He is still working away and I recently met him at a party sans bandages. Somewhat disappointing to get an introduction to "Nash the Slash" in the flesh. On a side note, he also came out of the closet, which allows one to read even more into his reasons to hide behind the bandages! A current Toronto masked band - The Vulcan Dub Squad ( And of course, there are also the masked back up dancers for The Hidden Cameras.


ssst , look the other way , trying to steal some links here..
don't call the cops on me now..

listener colin in Toronto

and sure enough, after posting that, I learn that Nash is doing a performance to a screening of CABINET OF DR CALGARI here in Toronto on Nov 27th and with his bandages ON!

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