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November 15, 2005



Homer and Jethro recorded a nice version of this as well. Might the list be expanded to 62?

Ron D

Thanks WFMU! These are great! One question, Where is the Shobby Taylor version?


Slovenian faux-Nazis Laibach's live album Ljubljana-Zagreb-Beograd has a funny, distorted and sped-up electronic version of Tico Tico that they call Tito-Tito.
Get it?

st vincent

Gad, someone else out there had the same idea! I've only managed to find maybe 6 versions so far (all on 78 RPM), thus I am quite humbled. My modem is smoking, I downloaded the whole schmeer. Once again, the internet assures me that there are other freaks like myself out there in the world... (***sniff!!!***)

Thank you Station Manager Ken.

In this vein, my other obsession: "Kiss Of Fire". I have several versions of this... anyone else? I even learned to play it on my geetar.

Portland, OR

Lee Hartsfeld

I'm wondering if you're being humorous about the number of notes. In alla breve (cut time) meter, there are as many as eight notes per measure in "Tico Tico." Whether or not eight notes is "a lot" is, I suppose, relative to one's listening experience. Please avoid Bach preludes and Chopin etudes if you're working with an eight-note-per-measure limit.

Jimmy Liggin's "Drunk" has far fewer notes than "Tico-Tico." The chorus goes: "Drunk; drunk; drunk; drunk" over the course of eight bars, no pun intended. That averages to half a note per measure.



I only wish I can send more versions of tico tico so they can post-em. There should be a tico-tico homepage.

Blind Uncle Gaspard

If you people don't settle down, I'm going to put my three hour radio show that was ALL "Caravan" onto some digital format.

Then you'll be sorry.


Station Lanager Ken

OK, I give, send me whatever versions y'all have, as long as they're not larger then ten MB. I'll add a batch more in a few days. I've already got a few new ones to put up. Gotta have that Homer and Jethro!

Ron, Shooby is there. Lee, yes, I was joking.


Chuck Jones

This is so crazy.
I spent most of this summer tracking down versions of tico tico and Hawaiian War Chant. I have 75 Tico Ticos and that's before I've downloaded any of the ones above.

This is so insane that someone else is as crazy.

Lanager Manager

I think I gave my "Tico Tico" (c.70s) to an FMU DJ as a slow 45 candidate; but none of these artists seem familiar.
Attn. M - Blind Uncle Gasparde: legendary FMUxDJ Crowe claims to have accumulated more than 3 hrs of "Caravan," tho I don't know that he played more than an hour's worth at a shot.
Attn. Chuck: I commend your "Hawaiian War Chant" project, do not fail us.
Apart from the West Coast "Louie Louie" days, did anything like this precede Steve Krinske's "Hucklebuck" broadcast?


well, it stabnnds to reaason you're going to get requests for the Beefheart version !
.. or sombody's gong to supply a link to it.

I'd like to hear it, definetely.


Hawaiian War Chant was the first thing I thought of when I saw this post; I remember David Garland's great three hour "Spinning On Air" one Saturday afternoon on WNYC-FM several years ago where he played nothing but versions of Hawaiian War Chant. It was an amazing show.

Jacob Haller

Man, the James Booker is so good.


I'd add to your "Tico Tico" list the version by FRENCHY on their CD "Che's Lounge".

I'd love to see the list of "Caravan" covers. It seems that every time I come back from an auction or thrift store run, I have a couple more renditions of this. I just glommed onto the Sandy Nelson version of Caravan on his LP "Drums Are My Beat" this morning.


A version I never let you have when you were still collecting them, by the Weber Maestro German Orchestrion.

Chris Reid

Ethyl Smith's version was the intro/theme song for a late night show I presented on Radio One (Dunedin, New Zealand) for five years in the eighties. In fact it was a different version than the one in the list and I have a third version by Ethyl on cassette somewhere. I never realised that I was pioneering the appreciation of cheesy lounge music at the time.
My cat's called Tico.

Chris Reid

Hey! Where is Carmen Miranda on that list?

Hal Glatzer

There's yet another Xavier Cougat version of "Tico Tico", with Abby Lane singing the lyric (the last line of which is "Tico-tico tico-tico tico tock").

Peter Nicolai

No Percy Faith???


Hey Chris Reid, I upload the Carmen Miranda version here:

la flo

bonjour !
merci pour toutes ces versions de tico-tico ! je viens de les télécharger et de les écouter, l'enregistrement de Mickey Katz and his Kosher Jammers est terrible !!! et j'ai découvert deux formidables pianistes George Feyer et Ferrante and Teicher... de toutes les versions celle qui est la plus émouvante c'est quand même celle d'Enric Madriguera Orchestra... avec un petit parfum suranné qui pousse à la nostalgie...
Formidable votre blog ! à quand une centaine de versions d'"Around midnigth" ???
merci mille fois et amitiés de France !
la flo

ruud verkerk

Tico, Tico, Tico!

This was great fun to download. It seems that there are at least 500 versions of this Louie Louie for Latin lovers. In Holland there is a collector with more than 1300 versions of Summertime, what are we talkin' about...

Chuck Jones

I've read that there is a version by Roy Clark which I want desperately.

Carmen Miranda was the first one I ever heard. Then the Andrew sisters.

There is also a super fantastic one by pianist and Chicago symphony orchestra director Daniel Barenboim. It's light and crispy.

Clayton Counts

Um... isn't there always supposed to be an exclamation point following Esquivel!'s name? And speaking of, how 'bout that Ray Conniff?

Oddio Katya

Perri of music site created a Tico Tico playlist at Webjay that's got some other versions in it. Give it a listen! -- yours, katya

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