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November 15, 2005


Ape Module

Gnargh! I couldn't get these to work...they load, then the timer says it will take longer and longer to download, then they stop at abuot the 2 minute mark. ???


Great Post thanks a lot

Princess Wendy

Great post, Ken. When I was living in VT and had just gotten the internet (in 2002 - stop laughing!) and had nothing better to do, I was zipping through file-sharing sites, searching for versions of Hawaiian War Chant, Caravan, Peanut Vendor, The Theme From The Third Man, and Wichita Lineman. I had some vinyl versions, too. I couldn't find too many Wichita Lineman, unfortunately - I love that song. Anyway, I gave up after a spell, because I needed to leave the house once in awhile. If anyone is thinking of posting any of the above, or providing a link, I cast my vote to encourage you to do so. Thanks!


this is great, thanks. i play tico tico, dont have a downloadable version, but check out for some crazy piano passion, taking the piano to the streets.
when playing tico tico in the pub - the Royal Oak in Edinburgh - the whole place erupts and everybody joins in. It's just a great tune...


An amazing version of Tico Tico: London Horn Sound! A ton of french horn players tearing it up. Crazy.

Carlos Ricci

Encantandor!!! Esta cancion la recuerdo de niño, siempre la he buscado, gracias a Uds. por mostrarme la variedad de estilos.

Tommy E

Hey, this site rocks. I love this song, and it's really awesome to be able to listen to so many different versions so easily. THANK YOU!


Where's the David Grisman version??


There's 2 others version of Tico Tico made by Alys Robi and Pascale Bussières, quebecers.


What about the best version of all, by Shooby Taylor??


This is fantastic! I am jealous that you get to hear all the versions of a song and I am glad that you were nice enuf to share it all with us! What about the idea of compiling a group of mp3s for other songs that have dozens of versions?

Jim in Sunny Florida

Listen to Retaw Boyce's excellent violin version of Tico Tico at
(Pardon his shirtless performance)

R Ribeiro

There must be a milion versions of Tico Tico... Just want to say that there are two repeated versions in the list... the one saying Henri Mancini is equal to the Bloomfield College Band... the funny thing is that the second has a better sound quality... :)

R Ribeiro

Oh, and just another add to the 1 milion versions: the Berliner Philarmonic conducted by Daniel Baremboim, great one! The version from Hollywood Bowl Symphony Orchestra in the list is also excellent!

Devon E Levins

The best one of them is all is Grant Green's version!


I heard a vocal version of Tico Tico about 40-45 years ago on a 78 record. It was sung in Spanish and part English and the refrain sounded like " I Tico YOU,YOU TIco Me I Tico You You Tico Me a Cuchi Cuchi Cuchi Cuchi Pogona. The Part I remember that was sung in English went "You look so nice a Tico Tico Spice. Not necasarily that correct words but similar. Please contact me if you know of this version.


Just to confirm that the same version is attributed both to Mancini and to the Bloomfield College Band. Mancini's is higher-quality but two seconds shorter, apparently.

These are wonderful, though. I'm only here because Malcolm Laycock played a brilliant version* by Roberto Inglez on Radio 2 last night. Apparently it's on a CD called 'Come Closer To Me' on the Vocalion label (catalogue number: CDEA 6062).

*Not James-Booker-brilliant, obviously, but still great.


Incidentally, I bumped into these three versions of 'Tico Tico' on the Internets.

The Aura Wind Quartet:

Klaus Wunderlich:

And this from the Crying Monkeys' 2005 album, 'Little Pieces Of The Sky':

If any of these expire, e-mail me and I'll gladly put them on SendSpace or something.


thanks for the share..I linked to you in my guitar blog..


WOW It is so nice to know I am not alone. LOL This is Amazing. I have a collection of Tico Tico's that I have had for years, but one I noticed that you don't have here is by a French Singer from Quebec City called, "Alys Robi" and also "Isabelle Boulay" did Tico Tico for the Bio on Alys Robi. Isabelle Boulay Link if interested... Boulay (Alys Roby) - Tico Tico.mp3. Keep up the great work.


i've been looking for the version from the movie "thousands cheer" it has a slow section in the middle. a documentary about maxine barrat is going to be filmed, and my partner and i need to dance to the version from that movie.

does anyone know where i could find this version. herbert stothart was the music coordinator for the movie. zequinha abreu, of course, wrote the song, but i have no idea what band did the version in the movie.

please help



The movie credits the MGM Studio Orchestra.

lefty kongalides



There is also a version by Freddie Rich that's only available on a live Abbott & Costello broadcast in November of 1944. If someone was able to find that, I'd be eternally grateful.

Todd Hallawell

Would you like another version or two of Tico-tico?

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