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November 01, 2005


Terrence Parker

There's not a web site/page devoted to providing the information that will hopefully save the show, it's at

Bill W

I don't listen often, but in no universe is Randi Rhodes "leftist." She is a mainstream Clinton-smitten Dem (much like Franken).

The Professor

Sorry Bill, in plenty of universes Randi Rhodes is indeed a leftist. Wikipedia says that a leftist opposes right-wing politics and that most left-wingers reject any association with communism or anarchism. And just about every dictionary site I've looked at basically says that a leftist is someone who belongs to the political left. So does that mean that you think that everyone who isn't an extreme leftist should be called a moderate?

Sure she supports Democrats. While I could probably join you in a Dem bashing session, these are desperate times and it seems pretty smart to me to support political types who actually have a chance to get some of these Republican thieves and thugs out of office. If the Democrats can take control of the house there's a good chance that a much-needed impeachment can begin. I'm cheering for that, how about you?

And as far as some of the discussion here about NPR, I've run across a great quote from former NPR host Bob Edwards-- “In today’s media, we seem to bring on the liars in order to balance the truth.” When he says "we" he's talking about NPR, and that indeed is what they do every day.

And writing this has stirred up my anger at NPR anew and I'm tempted to write a post here about the sad demise of this once great news organization. But that would mean that I'd have to take the time to listen to NPR for a while to say anything substantial about them. And frankly, I don't have the stomach for that these days.

While I'm really sick of the right wing nuts calling NPR a flaming liberal outfit, which they are NOT, I speak here of NPR as a listener-- I mean FORMER listener. It all reminds me of my Senator Hillary. She's the biggest punching bag the right has, and every time I hear how liberal she is I want to scream THAT'S A FUCKING LIE! She's been a handmaiden to this war, and to just about anything else the Israeli lobby thinks is a swell idea. Mrs. Clinton is at best a nice moderate neocon. Screw her.

Okay, enough already. I hear rumors that Maron may not be history at Air America, but it is still very possible. Today in the Daily News they quoted some Air America "spokeswoman" who says they are still in contract negotiations.

As they say in broadcasting-- stay tuned.

Webster Hubble Telescope

Great post. I have a long tribute to AAR here:

I also give a shout to WFMU on how to do things right. At least that's what it looks like to me, being an internet listener and donater from Minnesota. Actually, for all I know, WFMU could also have all sorts of backstabbing and intrigue that I am not privy too.

Everybody has also got to take a look at the HBO documentary "The Left of the Dial". You can get it as a bit torrent.


great site, great blog piece. i think bill oreilly and his fellow fascist talkers already charge to stream/download their shows--and they *don't* need the money. AAR should charge for podcasts--i'd gladly pay. please contact goldberg and tell him if you love maron like i do!

stephanie ehrlich

Great blog.

It's nice to hear others say what I've been thinking. Morning Sedition is the most political fun you can have while driving. I spend a lot of time in the car and listen to all the shows, so I know!

I was a devoted Unfiltered fan and once Springer came on the radio, I had to tune out. Not that I wouldn't enjoy having him at my Thanksgiving table (he sounds like a lovely man) but his show is BORING. Randi Rhodes is enjoyable, but her ranting agitates me. Sam and Janeane are not a good team--I actually prefer when Sam does the show himself. Al is overrated and his jokes are corny and old-farty. I wondered when the brought Springer on the radio and nixed the ridiculously smart Rachel Maddow if they were intentionally trying to court an older, potentially more moneyed, audience.

The big question is, why doesn't AAR understand chemistry, and when it exists why do they break it up? Lizz and Rachel were fabulous together (okay, a little too NPR-ish) and obviously Mark and Mark rock.
So why can't they get the money to keep the solid programs in tact? Is this a pathetic microcosm of the liberal situation in general? We've got better ideas (and we're funnier) than the neocons, but they can get the bucks together where we cannot. I hope I am wrong both for AAR's sake, and more important, for our sake as a country.


The problem with both Morning Sedition and Unfiltered is/was that very few Air America affiliates are/were picking up the shows or, in the case of MS, are playing it in the middle of the night (3 to 6 am in the Pacific time zone).

Danny Goldberg has no control over which shows the affiliates run and if a station with a weak signal is the only one in a a market willing to pick up AAR shows, that's not Goldberg's fault. AAR owns NO stations (it leases the time on one station, WLIB).

Bill W

I agree utterly on Sen Hillary, Prof. Her husband was also a not-so-nice moderate neocon, and Randi Rhodes thinks he's the very model of what a Dem should be -- I've heard her say so. (And if the modern Democratic party somehow attained control of Congress, I don't remotely believe they'd impeach the Dubya... hell, most of them will likely vote for Scalito, no matter what he says at the hearings.)


Great blog. Thanks for all the info. I am devestated at the prospect of losing MS. I am a dedicated podcaster of the show and even download shows when I return from vacation so I don't miss anything. Maron and Riley are the BEST together, keeping the energy up and getting the info out to the listeners. I can't imagine the show without Maron on a long term basis. The only possible saving point for Air America would be that Rachel's show (the second best show on AAR) could be longer.


Excellent review of AAR history and lineup. You did neglect Majority Report, but I can understand it. Janeane and Sam are both fine people, but they just _suck_ at radio. Like really awful. The television vision failed. Franken becomes unlistenable after a few months, even if you can stomach his center-right politics. Springer is, I'm sorry to say, pathetic. I'm sorry because he's a smart, sensitive guy underneath the TV trash persona.

You didn't say enough about Rachel Maddow. She has the greatest future in both radio and TV. I can't possibly praise enough her intellect, sense of humor and basic decency -- all of which shine through every moment. Thanks for mentioning Kent Jones, by far the funniest thing on AAR.

One show you completely forgot is Thom Hartmann. I guess, and hope, that he is the Franken replacement. When Al leaves on his personal crusade to kick Norm Coleman's ass, AAR will need someone for that slot. Hartmann is far from perfect. At his best he's not as funny as SNL at its worst. And that's bad. But he is probably the best left-of-center "radio debater" in the business. No, not probably, for sure. He hypes himself as being there to help you in the "water cooler wars", and he fulfills that promise. He almost never uses usual radio host tricks to best a hostile caller. He simply smashes them with information and logic. In a perfect world there would be some way to get Hartmann and Maddow together for the flagship noon show. But I can't even imagine how that would work. The chemistry's impossible, but the heavy brainpower would be stunning. Just dreaming, forget it.

And on the actual subject, face it, Marc's outta there. Goldberg came from music management, right? And guys like that have really big, really nasty egos. All of them. As soon as it became a public conflict between Marc, no small ego himslef, and Goldberg, Marc was gone. Too bad. I'll miss downloading it along with Rachel every day. (And I hope they find a place for Riley. That's the one guy on AAR I actually could have a beer with.)


I can't understand the appeal of Morning Sedition. I've been a steadfast fan of Air America since its inception, but that show drives me crazy. It IS cluttered, and for someone who has little affection for sound bites, it's very annoying. I don't care for Marc Maron and his slightly-more-elevated-than-fratboy rhetoric.

I loved Unfiltered, and agree that Rachel Maddow is one of the stations' top talents. I am very sad that her show is in the wee morning hours. Jerry Springer's show IS boring, and attempts to make it interesting with sensational topics is flat-out irritating. I no longer tune into Air America before noon. My theory with Springer is that they are trying to attract a "Middle American" demographic-a complete miss with a New York audience.

I also am afraid it's getting stale. Air America needs some new talent-Thom Hartmann, more Rachel Maddow, more Laura Flanders, a cohost to help Franken-and to lose Marc Maron and Jerry Springer. I really think that a celebrity infusion had its good points, but that it would benefit from radio veterans being featured more predominantly.

I'm sure Marc is a good person (not so sure about Springer, who debases poor people daily on his tv show) but I just don't think he's funny. I've received feedback from most people I've discussed this with that supports my views.

Air Ambulance

It would be a loss if it were so. Air America will lose of course if that happens.

M Glade

some of my friendsand I have given up listening to your station since j springer had mysteriously disappeared with no comment and replaced by some terrible show?? Being a liberal and one who has listened to the springer show religiously finding entertaining and informative, on myu way to work. you have made a big mistake.

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