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November 03, 2005



Wow. Good stuff. And i like the CHINESE ROCKS reference. LONG LIVE JOHNNY THUNDERS!


Sorry for the 2nd post.

Zuoxiao Zuzhou looks like the singer from the band YAT-KHA.

Renaud SARTI

There is also a Second Hand Rose Band in Austin, TX:
(One supposes that they are quite different from the Chinese band?)
The Chinese band's Track no. 7 MP3 is formidable!! They are not famous everywhere? WHY?


It appears as if the ID3 tags weren't encoded correctly. Instead of Chinese characters I'm getting stuff like ÒòΪËùÒÔ and ’p€∏πA€Í°£¥@®`. What are the names of the tracks and how do you write Gayamyan in Chinese?


I provided the English titles in any case where I had them myself.
Many of those mp3s were swapped peer-to-peer as is, and the Chinese characters (which must have been entered in the tags at some earlier point) do not display correctly. Wish I had more info; I am not a translator or writer of Chinese languages—just a music fan.


I'm searching for complete albuns (mp3) from Second Hand Rose Band... Where I can find it?


Leptossomico, I wish that I could help you find these CDs. My copies are downloads from the slsk peer-to-peer file-sharing community:


I already searched YesAsia, and was unable to find any for sale:


Good luck!

china howto

You really know well about chinese rocks!
I really want to know more about that.

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