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November 22, 2005



I smell a Kicker Conspiracy!


Jeez, I can't believe I spent seven minutes watching Mark E read football scores. I don't even spend that much times on sports I understand. However, I thought the 'band as football team' metaphor was pretty apt, considering the 25 years of lineup changes the Fall's been through. Maybe they need to sell a scorecard at shows -- just so we can keep track....



Pat McGatt, the very famous sports reporter is talking.

fatty jubbo




"And speaking of dentures, I witnessed recently an amazing performance in which a prole man in a public place dropped his top plate into a position where he could thrust it forward with his tongue until, pink and yellow, it protruded an inch or so from his mouth. Now, one simply can't imagine the middle classes doing that sort of thing, although you'd not be surprised to see an upper-class person, utterly careless of public opinion as he'd be, doing it."
--Paul Fussell

Steve PMX


pete in LA

its time to have an all fall catergory.


Mark E. Smith reading the footbal results is also on this recent release by Sonic Arts Network, guest-curated by Stewart Lee (co-writer of Jerry Springer: The Opera).

The CD is called "The Topography of Chance" and is an eclectic mix of tracks that explore different artists, writers and musician’s experiments with randomness and chance including: The Fall’s Mark E. Smith; comedian Arthur Smith; Derek Bailey; The Trachtenburgh Family Slideshow Players; comedy writer and experimental stand-up comedian Simon Munnery; Evan Parker; Jem Finer and more.

Check out the CD on:

Ian Hough

Mark E Smith? Didn't he have his name mentioned by Keith Allen in a song about Max Wall once? Must have been awful proud...

Manchester United

Nice tips & resources.I smell a Kicker Conspiracy!

du doan bong da

Pat McGatt, the very famous sports reporter is talking.

Football Fan

Football results read by one of Manchester's famous sons. Is he a Manchester City fan like his mate Marc Riley?

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