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November 23, 2005



Just to let you know, the Mom Unhinged....that doesn't sound like a southern accent at all, in fact, it sounds like a Canadian accent.

That is a GRUELING listen, that mp3, oh man.


Reminds me of my childhood before mom was on meds.


Hilarious!! Thanks Scott! Are there anymore mp3s from that kid, or did he get killed after that one? His parents are freaky.


Thanks Arturo - alas, I don't know of other mp3s by that kid. I think that was a one-shot deal. And Mike's probably right, the mom's boyfriend sounds pretty Canadian - but I still think the mom sounds kinda Baltimore.

scott in tokyo

Yeah that mom unhinged was pretty intense. I wouldnt nescessarily call the kid a dickwad though. If anything he seemed to be just dealing with a really sad situation. Moms boyfriend asking him to lend her 50 bucks and all that. I must be getting old or something but this mp3 just made me feel Glass Menagerie kinda depressed..


I have to disagree with everyone's opinion on the accents/dialects of the screaming mom. I would say upper midwestern, perhaps northern Minnesota, Wisconsin or Michigan. In the backwoods ("the Sticks") of the fine state of Minnesota (where I wasted a large chunk of my youth), many people had the fine distinction of the hillbilly/Canadian/midwestern blend of dialect. I think it's particularly an upstate thing, and it still fascinates me. I also think that the mom really wasn't going back to work. I mean, really. How the hell did she get home in the first place (she was trying to borrow son's car to RETURN to work - she must have gotten home somehow), and why the hell would she need $50? Cab fare? Maybe she's a meth addict who needs her kids money for drugs, or maybe I just have a really active imagination..

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