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November 01, 2005



Very nice!


Whitney Sterling from The Stiffs tends to work the door at the Motherfucker Balls. I just saw him Fri night after Mofo got displaced to the Delancey; I said, "I've had something of an adventure getting here." He said, "I think just about everyone here did."


Kudos Brian, some interesting stuff.
I'm a latecomer to The Gun Club catalogue, having just 'discovered' them 5-6 years ago, but man, great great great! The MIAMI album is especially good - American desolation at its best.


Hey, I just realized that the whole Reagan "Snap the can/ the handle" thing was used by Calvin Johnson on Halo Benders' "canned oxygen" (God Don't Make No Junk LP). Thanks, WFMU!!!

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