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November 15, 2005


zach in philly

Gargantuan Ups for the very alive:
+ Paul Metzger -- The Coolest Sound I've Heard On Wfmu All Year!!
+ Magik Markers -- winning sounds, failing descriptions.
+ I'd add the boot stompin' Mutts from Terre T's Oct 8th show

Deep, like, as in, far-out Ups for:
+ Circle -- if your windows default imploding cube screen saver had a soundtrack (and wasn't a windows default screensaver), these cats would be playing it.
+ Enablers -- these guys could do a marathon performance without it getting tired -- real fresh grinds.
+ I'd add the congenial cacophony of Daniel Menche from Dan Bodah's Oct 16th show

Just listened to live Yura Yura Teikoku the other night ... delicately heavy!

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