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November 27, 2005



the link to Adam Curry isnt working. I dont know who that is.


He was in the Runaways.


will someone record this & pot a clip?
I'm non-NYC.

Uptown Topranking

Also, last week's episode had a video from Jason Forrest (aka FMU's own DJ Donna Summer)'s record. It was teh roXx0R.


Best NY Noise ever. We tivo it every week but usually skip through probably 85%. This one's awesome.


Is the playlist from the New York Noise/WFMU December 4th show posted anywhere. There were some great videos and music that I'd like to check out again.

Bradlee Goodspeed

I saw this show on 'New York Noise' and Serge Gainsbourge's 'Sea, Sex and Sun' was the creepiest and most hillarious video I have ever seen. Does anyone know who this creep Serge is/was and how is the best way to download or get a copy of this nightmare of a video?!

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