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November 09, 2005



jesus fucking christ !!! ::
this time you break all the limits . . .
secos & molhados, even for a brazilian guy
it's hard, cool stuff !!!


Secos e Molhados: TV appearances 1973-4 mp3s


Os Mutantes Live on TV mp3 set


Thanks for the links Audiosports! --Scott

fatty jubbo

that video is amazing.


great stuff! Their look probably owes something to images of Brazilian/Amazonian indigenous people. Gal Costa also wore an "indian" costume on the cover of the India album.


Gal Costa's "India" album cover deserves a post all it's own! Front, back, gatefold, all of it! Jesus...


The video is cool, although I wish you would have posted in a mpeg format so that we could save it easier. Watching this guy dance around, it kind of reminded me of MANGO from that Saturday Night Live show. It seems that the gender-bending and glitter movement even went on down there in Brazil back then.


Hey, gender-bending in Brazil is something way different from what we have in gringolandia. So was life as a pop music star in the 60s and 70s. Caetano Veloso's book, Tropical Truth, is essential if you are into this kind of thing.

John L

Cool. My college roomate had both that Secos e Molhados album and a solo (first?)Ney Matogrosso album that I checked out back in the early 70s. He spent a fair amount of his youth in Brazil. I taped acoustically (boom box near speakers) most of the Secos e Molhados album and just the jungle intro to the Ney Matogrosso years later and recently listened to them but it's somewhat lo-fi. I look forward to checking all this out.

Fond memories.


(The rest of the music he had was pretty straight, Eduardo Gudin, who else?... Chico y Caetano (Veloso) (Live) was pretty cool though - great bass & drum. I don't know where my tape of that went... If anybody knows of a copy, let me know.)


Yes, Ney Matogrosso does believe that Kiss copied Secos e Molhados after seeing that Billboard ad. Ney also claims that, when the group performed in Mexico (a landmark in their career), he was contacted by an American promoter with an offer to take him to the United States. Ney believes that, since he refused, the guy who spoke to him eventually suggested the make-up idea to Kiss. Secos' first manager Moracy do Val goes even further: he states in no uncertain terms that Kiss "traveled from Los Angeles (sic) to Mexico to copy the make-up thing". This is quoted in a book about Ney Matogrosso. As a fan of both groups, I don't believe Kiss copied a Brazilian group they probably never heard about, but Brazilians are divided on that: Secos e Molhados fans say of course it's true and Kiss fans say of course it's NOT true (even though some Kiss fans say Ney is "lying" because he's "jealous" and all that rap and I don't think that is true either).


Scott: Thanks so much for posting about the Secos & Molhados, and for the video from TV Tupi. Fantastic! I remember first seeing the group performing on TV in Brazil in 1972 or 1973. Although João Ricardo's Web site makes no mention of it, I am as certain as I can be that I saw the group perform 'O Vira' on Programa Silvio Santos (a Brazilian 1970s TV talent show in São Paulo with a large, young and noisy audience), and I certainly recall seeing them on TV Tupi and TV Globo before they really became famous, and many times thereafter. They were a blast.

Roberto Sant'Anna

Caros amigos da América do Norte.
Vcs acreditando ou não na história dos Secos não a muda de forma alguma. Vcs se acham os donos do mundo,mas os Secos & Molhados eram um grupo infinitamente melhor do que aquela banda idiota do Kiss, coisa pra doente mental que gosta de barulho.

Joseph Green

Hi all
I have been listening to Ney Matogrosso for the past 10 years and he is in my opinion one of the GREATEST singer songwriters of ALL time.
Hes singing in Portuguese so his career outside of Brazil is limited.Hoever the guy makes a shitloada money in Brazil so does he care?Those who understand the words to his music see a view of brazilian Society written within his songs as well as listen to that smooth flawless voice.
He is definately NOT singing in Falsetto just the same way as Geddy Lee of Rush is not singing in Falsetto also.
Two rare voices that have a very similar quality.But both NOT Falsetto.


Translation of Fitzcarraldos comments: "You guys believing or not believing the Secos version of events doesn't change anything. You guys think you rule the world, but Secos & Mulhados was a group that was infinitely better than that stupid band Kiss, which was a thing just for mental retards who have no taste."

While not neceesarily endorsing his comments, I do believe that S&M were a MUCH better band than Kiss. S&E were great!!!!


Just to point that Mutantes has reunited again, instead without Rita and Liminha. If you want the mp3 just let me know (awesome!)
[ ]'s


Hey, krnewman, they were Roberto Sant'Anna's comments, not mine! My post was in English - e menos grosseiro ;)

Moracy do val

A verdade é que o pessoal do grupo Kinney foi ao México e copiou a imagem fantástica do grupo. Quem nos levou ao México (eu não fui, pois o João Ricardo contra Ney e Gerson, me traiu (eu que lancei, produzi e empresariei de uma forma revolucionária o grupo, levando-o a lotar o Maracanãzinho do Rio, com 30 mil pessoas dentro e mais de 30 mil do lado de fora, e depois lotando os principais ginásios do País.


"Seco" also is slang for gay in Brasil, hence the "Secos e molhados".

Lediane Mendes dos Santos


Emilio Pacheco

It's hopeless. Some of my fellow Brazilians will always believe that Kiss stole the make-up idea from Secos e Molhados. They don't realize they know only half of the story. Kiss first wore make-up in March 1973 at the Daisy. Secos e Molhados wore their classic make-up for the first time in June 1973, for their album cover photo session. Secos released their first album in August 1973. Kiss released its debut album in February 1974. Then Secos e Molhados performed in Mexico in March 1974 and that was when Ney Matogrosso was approached by two American managers with an offer to move to America and "make a heavier sound". How could these guys have anything to do with Kiss if the American band had already released its first album one month before and had been wearing make-up since March 1973?

As for "seco" being slang for gay in Brazil, I've never heard about that, but even if it's true, I assure you the group name has nothing to do with that. The group was founded by Joao Ricardo in 1971 and he's not gay. The bisexual image came later, when Ney Matogrosso joined the band.

It's amazing how myths are created and become stronger than truth.

João Rebello

"Seco" also is not slang for gay in Brasil! Stupid

Alexandre Torto

Ney is not a songwriter,just a singer,João is the main composer,and the great gennius behind the band.Listen his first solo album "João Ricardo"(aka the pink album),of 1975,is one of the best all-time records from Brazil!

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