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November 07, 2005



I had a pretty good time at the record fair as well. It seemed like there were more vendors this year. It was getting to be too many if that is the case. The aisles were a little too narrow and I couldn't even find, for example, Downtown Music Gallery or Squidco (assuming Squidco was there). I never bargain, I got one record at a reasonable price and another double LP for more than I probably should have paid. The double album is actually the audio off a movie I had on video but loaned it to one of the folks who never returns borrowed items. I am certain that he neither has it now nor if he even remembers ever having it, knows it was from me. I wonder of there is some equation between items loaned and never returned and items accumulated but never used. I don't know. But the things I would like to say about loaned items, especially to young guys just getting their first apartment are the following:

1-Never lend out your cube refrigerator, you will never ever see it again.

2-If you own or share a refridgerator never, and I mean never, attempt to use a sharp object to expedite defrosting the freezer.
If you see your roomate doing this, try and find a place with good Chinese Take-out nearby and start saving up for a new fridge. There is nothing you can say or do to convince him that he might pierce the freon coil. In fact there is no "might", he will pierce the freon coil. No matter how many times you explain it to him he will say things like "I'm not anywhere near the coil" or "It's not that sharp" or "I'm only chipping the ice." Forget it, you have already lost at this point. It's like hoping to cure rabies after symptoms arise. There is one instance of successful treatment but basically you are screwed.
If you have the cash start shopping for anew fridge. The one advantage in engaging the guy in conversation is that the "I told you so" factor can translate into more money from him for the new cooling unit. Also, while you have the initiative, try and get your socks back.

Um, as you might imagine things a kind of slow here at my job.

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