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November 03, 2005



that's his WIFE? um. I guess an old man like MES can charm a very foxy young woman into marrying him when he wears one black glove in that inimitable way...


All said, that's not a bad line-up for the full show, MES & crew included. Mose is always a treat, and I still think Plant's doing interesting solo stuff these days. Who knows how long the Go Team will stay around, but there are few electropop/cut & paste acts these days that can claim that live 4-LP Chicago album as an influence.


Thanks for pointing this out! Glad to see MES is still out there making "good" music. When our station got a copy of "Heads Roll" I was shocked - a new Fall album! Well worth checking out.

Horatio Van der Clupff

Just found this band on myspace. It's Ex-fall member Steve Trafford's new band, great stuff.Seems he's a great singer too!

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