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November 09, 2005



I bet there's a well-worn copy of this in the Flemion family home.


The lead singer sounds like Klaus Nomi without the accent and vocal range.


Hi Ken,
Great 21 versions of TCTTMA ! i was told Napoleon XIV "Was" Kim Fowley himself...
yo uare very welcome to review any "crazy" records in our magazine (it is in french, but we'll translate your words) in our so-called "Hallucinex" section :-)
take care

rudy torres

What happen to your web page that contained the 21 versions of They're Comming To Take Me Away? When you click on the link it says it's no longer available.

le foll francois

i search the songs of teddy and darek would you like to help me thanks


Will TCTTMA be re-uploaded any time in the future? I had it on me hard drive which subsequently crashed and can't find anything other than broken links on the net now.


Why doesn't the link to work any more?


This rules. I just heard the Teddy and Darrel version of TCTTMA on a college station and it reminded me of the Napoleon XIV song. Took me forever to verify they're two "different songs.

John Torres

I'd like to hear the story of how this record came about. 1966 seems like a banner year for bizarro records like this and TCTTMA, Mrs. Miller and My Father the Pop Singer! Anyone know where Teddy and Darrel are today?

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