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November 21, 2005


Krys O.

Can we see your movie? Please?


I've got a friend (PXL director Lance Wagner - "God’s Little Soldiers") who's been doing the PXL camera thing since the late 80s - just this past week I was wondering if the PXL camera craze was still in full-swing and (thanks to your blog entry) it's seems to be doing fine.

I was in a little grunge band in the early 90s, and (to everyone's amazement) Lance shot an entire video for us with his PXL camera. Movement is key when shooting in PXL, so he draped reams and reams of aluminum foil around the soundstage in order to get the right, shimmery effect. Thanks for pointing me in the right PXL direction!

PS - I wonder if these PXL cameras are still being manufactured anywhere (??)
Seems like the demand would be worth it - - even for a small company to do

cheers - Angie

Kelly Jones

Krys O.,
The FMU techies will add video to this blog after the Thanksgiving. Hope you can check back.

PXL's are not being manufactured anymore, Fisher Price only made them for a couple of years, they flopped with the kids (so sad). I saw one for sale on the web for $600 (yikes). Guide your friend to the 'PXL This' site to submit, submit, SUBMIT!

Henry Lowengard

I'm outing myself as a PXL owner too... it used to be my only video camera. I did the little mod that let it put out NTSC video so it could use a real VCR for recording, but I also have a box of PXL tapes I made about 10 years ago. PXL runs about 8 times normal cassette speed - a 10 minute
cassette lasted about 90 seconds! I used my old 4 track casette machine and some software I wrote to put a bettter quality sound track on it. Last time I tried it, though, the PXL wasn't working so well.

The original video in this mpeg, colorized triple head, was taken with a PXL, captured with homebrew video framegrabbing software and maniputated with homebrew animation software.

I oughta stop talking about myself!

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